5 Types Of Ceiling Fans You Need For A Modern Home

  • 27 January

Can you think of living in India without a ceiling fan in the room? You can have the best air conditioners in your room to keep it cool, but a fan aids in the proper circulation of air throughout the room. Naturally, you will have to put extra thought to find the best ceiling fan for your room. We have a wide variety of living room fans available in the market today that have different kinds of benefits. If you want to know which type of ceiling fan works for your home, then you’ve come to the right place.  

In this blog, we will go over the different types of ceiling fans available in the market, as well as their benefits and specifications which will assist you in determining which ceiling fan to purchase.

Here are the 5 types of ceiling fans you should consider:


1. Experience Sound Sleep with Silent Fans

Ceiling fans are an affordable alternative to air conditioners for cooling rooms; however, they produce a lot of noise at higher speeds, which may disrupt your sleep and give a dull start to your day. This was true until the introduction of silent ceiling fans.

Noiseless ceiling fans have grown in popularity among Indian consumers because not only are they silent, but they are also aesthetically appealing and enhance the room interiors. With advanced BLDC technology, they also consume low electricity.


Here are some features and benefits of Crompton’s Silent Pro fans:

1. They operate twice as silently as other ceiling fans in the market making them some of the best soundless fans.

2. Some fans operate the fan with a point-anywhere remote.

3. IoT enabled variants of Silent Pro fans can be operated with Alexa and Google using voice commands and Crompton’s mobile application.

4. The timer allows you to schedule a specific time for turning on/off the fan.

5. Powered by ActivBLDC technology, it consumes 50% lesser electricity as compared to regular fans, making it a pocket-friendly & environmentally correct choice.

6. Few variants have an anti-dust coating which ensures 50% lesser dust accumulation.

7. Multi-pairing functionality allows you to control multiple Silent Pro fans with a single remote.

8. The Silent Pro range is aesthetically superior with its variants which have been awarded iFD and Reddot Design Awards.


2. Enhance Your Room With Special Ceiling Fans With Under Lights

Ceiling fans with lights or fans with LED are another popular and trendy type of ceiling fan that people are opting for today. Modern ceiling fans come with decorative lights that not only provide air but also light up the room, thus having dual functionality in the given space.


Crompton offers a range of designer ceiling fans with lights that are both elegant in looks and superior in operation. Here are some features and benefits of Crompton’s underlight fans:

1. Ornate under light LED fans come with decorative lampshade designs and electroplated blades that give the room a royal touch.

2. Fans with multiple mood light (colour) options help enhance the vibe of the room.

3. Equipped with powerful motors that produce higher RPM.

4. Remote control for the fan can be used to change the colour options and the brightness of these lights.

5. Long-lasting bulbs with 360-degree illumination.

6. There are several colour temperatures to choose from based on the mood you’re trying to create.


3. Make A Style Statement With Modern Designer Fans

If you think the latest fan designs with lights are too much for you, don’t worry; you can always go for a subtle and minimalistic modern designer fan that adds style to your home’s decor while maintaining the performance and air comfort. 

Crompton offers a stunning collection of designer fans for your living room that features the best aesthetic designs, cutting-edge technology, and a 5-year Duratech warranty. 


Here are some features and benefits of Crompton designer fans you should consider:

1. These designer fans have wider blades, anti-corrosive properties and a sturdy body.

2. They come in a range of unique colours and exclusive designs which you can choose from depending on your interiors.

3. Anti-corrosive properties ensure the fans do not rust or lose their superior looks and finish.

4. Crompton’s fans with anti-dust coating collect 50% lesser dust than ordinary fans.


4. Maintain Cleanliness With Anti-Dust Ceiling Fans

Any ceiling fan’s appearance is compromised due to dust that accumulates over time and usually needs to be cleaned very frequently. With the new anti-dust feature, these fans do not collect much dust and hence need to be cleaned less frequently. 


Crompton brings you a wide range of the best anti-dust ceiling fans for you to choose from. Here are some features and benefits of Crompton’s anti-dust fans:

1. When compared to regular ceiling fans, Crompton’s Anti-dust fans reduce dust accumulation by 50%.

2. It gives you a cleaner-looking fan for a much longer time, thereby reducing the cleaning frequency and effort for maintenance.


5. Choose ActivBLDC Ceiling Fans For Energy Saving

The brushless direct-current motor (BLDC) fan is powered by direct current electricity. A high-power permanent magnet is used in BLDC motors fans, which promotes energy efficiency. The fan’s three-phase winding is made of a thick copper wire, which promotes a longer life span with almost no problems. This shows the technical superiority of BLDC fans with its ultra-efficient motor. In addition, you don’t need to worry about your electricity  bills as this motor reduces power consumption by upto 50%. 


BLDC fans are the next generation of fans aimed at a more sustainable utilisation of energy without compromising on air comfort. Crompton’s Energion range offers some of the best BLDC fans, here are some of their features and benefits:

1. Living in an energy-efficient BLDC home allows you to save a lot of money.

2. Powered by ActivBLDC technology, they consume 50% lower energy and thus lower electricity bills.

3. The Anti-dust coating ensures 50% lower dust accumulation, thus reducing the frequent cleaning and maintenance of the fan.

4. Environment-friendly option when compared to regular fans.



1. What are the different types of ceiling fans?

These are some of the common ceiling fans you can find in an Indian household. 

1. Silent Fans

2. BLDC Energy saving Fans

3. Smart Fans

4. Designer Fans

5. Under light Ornate Fans

6. Anti-Dust Fans

7. Regular Fans


1. Which type of ceiling fan is best?

All different types of ceiling fans have their own different functions and benefits. You can read this above article to determine which among the 5 types of ceiling fans works best for your home based on your needs. 


2. Are 3 or 5-blade fans better?

While 5-blade fans can be more aesthetic and appealing to look at and add to the decor of the room, they may not necessarily impact the efficiency of the fan. A fan’s performance depends on the  air delivery which is stated for every fan by the manufacturer. This is the parameter that should be considered for superior performance comparison.


3. What does a ceiling fan’s ‘CFM’ indicate?

CFM is an abbreviation for Cubic Feet per Minute. It denotes the volume of air, measured in cubic feet, that passes a given stationary point in one minute. Similarly, CMM is cubic metres per minute. Both are the units of measurement for air delivery.


Now you have everything you need to know to decide which type of ceiling fan works best for your home and your needs.  If you’re looking to buy ceiling fans for your home, check out Crompton’s wide variety of ceiling fans on our website. We also have different types of LED Lights and other home appliances to cater to all your home improvement needs.t