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Table Fan Power Consumption

  • 26 March

Feeling the heat this summer? You’re not alone. As temperatures rise, so does our reliance on table fans, but have you ever stopped to think about how much power your trusty fan is using? Table fans are hands-down some of the best electrical appliances one can have at home. They are lightweight, portable, and come with 360° oscillation to generate a good amount of airflow all around the room. If you don’t already own a table fan and you’re planning to buy one, you are bound to think about the table fan’s electricity consumption. In this blog, we’ll break down everything you need to know about the power consumption of a table fan. 

Table Fan Power Consumption

Table fan power consumption depends on two main factors:

Table fan wattage: Generally, the wattage of a table fan ranges between 30 and 60 watts. The larger the fan blade size, the higher the wattage and the greater the volume of airflow generated in the space. You can find the table fan watt consumption information by reading the label on its packaging. As a general thumb rule, fans with 8-inch blade sizes come with a table fan wattage of 40 watts, those with 12-inch blades come with a table fan wattage of 50 watts, and those with 16-inch blade sizes come with a table fan wattage of 55 watts.

The electricity tariff: The electricity tariff is the amount charged by your electricity supplier for one unit (kWh) of electricity. Simply look at your last month’s electricity bill to determine your monthly energy usage, then divide your monthly power consumption by your total monthly electricity bill to obtain an estimate of your electricity tariff.

How Much Power Does a Table Fan Consume?

If you are wondering how many watts does a table fan use, you can find the answer on the packaging label. However, consider this example to calculate how much it will cost. If you have a 60-watt table fan running 24 hours a day, the table fan watt consumption would be around 525.6 kWh in a year (which means the table fan power consumption per hour would be 0.06 kWh).

How to Calculate the Power Consumption of a Table Fan?

Are you looking for ways to calculate the cost of your  table fan’s power consumption?  Here is a detailed guide to the calculation of the wattage and the cost to run a table fan.

Actual wattage consumed by table fans at different speeds: To understand this better, let’s consider a 40-watt table fan that works 8 hours daily. To calculate the power consumption of the table fan, just remember this formula: table fan power consumption = table fan wattage x operational hours. Therefore, to calculate the actual wattage consumed by a 40-watt table fan, just add the values in the formula like this – 40 watts x 8 hours = table fan power consumption of 320wh (this is just the approximate power consumption of a 40-watt table fan, and the actual table fan power consumption will be around 5% to 10% less than this). Furthermore, because every table fan has three to five fan speeds, if you operate your fan at slower speeds, the electricity consumption will be lower than this. The power usage difference between top and bottom speeds is approximately 20%.

Table fan power consumption per hour (assuming the fan is running at full speed): Let’s continue with the example mentioned above. If the power consumption of your 40-watt table fans is 320 watt-hours (or 0.32 kWh) for 8 hours, then the power consumption for one hour is 1 x 320 watt-hours for 8 hours = 40 watt-hours. Therefore, your table fan power consumption per hour would be 40wh.

Cost to run a table fan: Now that you know your table fan’s power consumption and the electricity tariff of your area, you can now calculate the cost to run a table fan using the formula: “Cost to run a table fan = table fan power consumption x electricity tariff.” For example, the cost to run a 40-watt table fan for 24 hours will be 0.96kWh x Rs. 10/kWh = Rs. 9.6 in Mumbai. 

How to Reduce the Cost of Running Your Fan?

Table fans are great appliances for your home and office as they are portable, lightweight, and now come in energy-efficient variants. If you are looking for ways to reduce the cost of running your fan, here’s what you can do:

Use it less frequently and only turn it on and off as needed.

Reduce the speed as it will result in less power consumption.

Invest in an energy-efficient table fan.

Table fans are a convenient appliance to have in your home. If you are not convinced yet, read our blog about the 5 benefits of using a table fan which will surely help you change your mind. You can also explore some of the best Crompton table fans and get one for yourself. We hope this article helped you understand everything regarding table fan power consumption.

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1. Does the table fan consume more electricity?

No! When compared to a ceiling fan, table fans consume less electricity.

2. Which is better, a table fan or a cooler?

In terms of cooling, an air cooler is a better option, but when it comes to being budget-friendly and energy-saving, a table fan is a better option. You can invest in the one that best fits your requirements.

3. How much power does a table fan consume per hour?

Assuming your table fan that runs at 40 watts is at full speed, the power consumption of this fan per hour would be 40wH. 

4. Which consumes more electricity, a ceiling fan or a table fan?

A ceiling fan consumes more electricity than a table fan. While a table fan delivers air efficiently to a But ceiling fans are efficient for air delivery in a larger space.