Save Energy With Activ BLDC Ceiling Fans Motor Technology

Save Energy With ActivBLDC Motor Technology

  • 28 May

Save energy with Crompton's Energy saving fans Save energy with Crompton's Energy saving fans

What is BLDC Fan – Ceiling Fans Motor Technology

Ceiling fans are not just a fixture but a major home appliance in India. It is used around the clock for the majority of the year. This causes a huge amount of energy consumption by ceiling fans at the residential level itself. Due to rising environmental concerns and issues evoked in creation of energy, there is a need for conservation of energy and available resources for power generation. 

Save Energy With ActivBLDC Motor Technology, Crompton Greaves Consumer Electricals Limited

BLDC Infographic explains What is BLDC Motor technology and its top benefits

Crompton has introduced the ActivBLDC technology in their ceiling fans. This advanced technology has been a boon to consumers as it not only helps reduce energy consumption but also reduced your electricity bill. BLDC motor stands for Brushless Direct Current Motor and as the name suggests, it works on direct current electricity. BLDC motor uses permanent magnets, instead of electromagnets that are used in conventional motors. The permanent magnets of BLDC motor have less energy and heat losses compared to electromagnets. This motor converts the input of alternate current into direct current, and hence this technology works smoothly even at low voltage or power fluctuations. The technology of ActivBLDC motor adds an advance mechanical feature to your regular ceiling fan and changes it to a modern appliance to merge with the smart homes of today. Alongside, it brings you a great deal as it reduces your energy consumption by up to 50%.


BLDC Fans vs Normal Fans

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As compared to a conventional ceiling fan, a ceiling fan with ActivBLDC technology can generate the same amount of airflow with less energy usage and better power factor  Hence ceiling fans with ActivBLDC motors are energy-efficient and give better energy outputs.

Bringing to you Crompton’s Energion ceiling fans that run on ActivBLDC motors, the Energion Aura, Energion Jura and Energion HS, future-ready ceiling fans of today. BLDC motor fans consume approximately half the power of a traditional motor. Crompton Energion ceiling fans use ActivBLDC technology which operates on wide voltage range from 90V-300V.It is observed that a conventional fan’s electricity bill comes up to ₹ 2850 annually per fan whereas fans with ActivBLDC technology have an electric bill of just of ₹1350, thus saving ₹1500. Also, for 4 fans in a home the saving is ₹6000.This great saving is only possible due to ActivBLDC technology used in Crompton ceiling fans

While using ceiling fans made with ActivBLDC technology, Crompton ceiling fans like Energion bring an advance touch to your living. They are available in various colours, come with great design, and are equipped with other high-tech features like superior air delivery, smart remote, sleep timer and 5-year warranty, etc. It not only gives you a great opportunity to cut down on your energy usage but also shows a great reduction in your monthly electricity bill. 


Save Energy With ActivBLDC Motor Technology, Crompton Greaves Consumer Electricals Limited

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It’s time you switch to a future-ready ceiling fan by choosing your pick from the enticing range of Energion ceiling fans by Crompton and give your life a beautiful touch of technology.