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How To Select The Right Exhaust Fan For Your Bathroom

  • 2 December


We all love taking long hot showers that transform our bathrooms into a spa retreat. But have you ever wondered that the humidity and steam that come along with the shower can create havoc on the air quality of your home? This is where the exhaust fan enters as the superhero and flushes the stale air out, to let the fresh air in. Read in detail about exhaust fans, their types, benefits and working.

bathroom exhaust fan

Bathroom exhaust fans or Ventis as it is commonly known as in the northern region of our country are generally in-wall or in-ceiling built fans that are designed to improve airflow, add ventilation and reduce excess humidity. Using an exhaust fan in a bathroom helps to prevent mold and maintain healthier air quality in the house as these systems remove warm moisture and exhaust the same outdoors. Exhaust fans must be cleaned regularly for optimal functioning.

There are certain factors to be kept in mind while purchasing an exhaust fan for the bathroom. Let’s take a look at them.

1. Size

Choosing the right size of the exhaust fan as per the bathroom’s square footage makes sure that you will get the right amount of ventilation in the space. CFM or cubic feet per minute is the ability of the exhaust fan to move air. Smaller exhaust fans generate fewer CFMs and are ideal for smaller bathrooms. Bath fans that generate higher CFMs are better suited for larger bathrooms. Generally, exhaust fans for the bathroom should have 1 CFM for every square foot of floor space. Crompton Transair comes with a Metal Sturdy Heavy Body and it provides 150 – 300 sweep size to the kitchen or bathroom.

bathroom exhaust fan

2. Air Delivery

Air delivery is the volume of stale air pushed out by an exhaust fan in the bathroom. The better the air delivery, lower will be the energy cost. It is advisable to go for options like the Crompton Drift Air that has air delivery of 1300.cu.mtr/hr.

3. Installation

bathroom exhaust fan

While most bathroom exhaust fans are installed in ceilings, there are certain models that can be installed in the wall as well. You should install your fan to vent air outside of your home through your ductwork and the nearest fit, not into an attic. When selecting an exhaust fan for the bathroom, consider where you want the unit to be installed: ceiling or wall. Then, choose a model with the appropriate size duct adapter for your home. Read out guide on exhaust fan installation to install your fan correctly without any hassle.

4. Efficiency

In today’s time, efficiency is a top priority when we purchase any electrical appliance. Fortunately, exhaust fans for bathrooms have become more efficient than ever, the energy-saving models contribute to low energy costs as they use 70 per cent less energy than the non-energy star models. You might also invest in a fan that includes a motion sensor to help ensure it runs only when required. Crompton’s Brisk Air Neo Exhaust fan comes with a energy saving mode and provides a modular look to the kitchen.

bathroom exhaust fan

5. Speed

While earlier we spoke about selecting the right size of a venti for the bathroom, it is equally
important to keep in mind the speed of the same. The more speed, the faster the stale air will be
out. There is a range of exhaust fans available at Crompton with the speed ranging between 1300
rpm to 2500 rpm.

6. Design

bathroom exhaust fan

We put in a lot of efforts in selecting everything for our home so why compromise when it comes to
choosing an exhaust fan for the bathroom? Metal or plastic, black or white, Crompton has a range of
exhaust fans which will leave you spoilt for choice. With features such as bird screens and corrosion
rusting coating, these exhaust fans are easy to clean and maintain. Crompton Flux Air comes with a sleek and stylish design that makes your bathroom or kitchen more aesthetic.