Do BLDC Energy-Saving Fans Really Save Energy?

Do BLDC Energy-Saving Fans Really Save Energy?

  • 18 January

Are you someone who makes sure that all lights and are switched off before you leave the room? Do you always check the energy rating on an electrical appliance before you purchase it? If these questions hold true, then take a look and understand BLDC energy-saving fans.


BLDC fans are the most energy efficient electronic fans when it comes to reducing your electricity bills and they walk the talk when it comes to their promise about saving energy. If you have debated whether purchasing a BLDC fan is worth it, here’s why you should understand what they are and make the right choice. BLDC stands for brushless direct current fans. These BLDC fans consume significantly lesser energy than regular fans. They don’t have an electromagnet unlike other induction fans, instead, they have a motor with a permanent magnet. They generate lesser noise and last longer as compared to other fans. BLDC ceiling fans are thus a step in the right direction, and a futuristic one indeed.


BLDC fans have a stator that comes with a copper winding that produces a magnetic flux after a supply of electricity. The permanent magnet has a rotor and a microcontroller that receives input data from the remote control and gives output data to the inverter. A rotor is a part that revolves around the electronic appliance. Microcontrollers are designed to perform only one task. Using SMPS, (Switching Mode Power Supply), the AC supply is converted to a DC supply. In simple terms, SMPS converts power using your switches at home. They are highly efficient and work well for BLDC fans. Now that you know what a BLDC fan is and how it works, let us look at its advantages.


1. Cost-effective 

As BLDC fans do not have carbon brushes like other fans, maintenance costs are reduced significantly. Additionally, they consume less power, 28-35 watts as opposed to 80 watts, saving you tons of money. If you compare prices as per the number of watts a BLDC fan and a normal fan consume and keep in mind one’s daily usage, you could save up to nearly ₹1500 in a year. So, even if the initial costs are higher, you will save a lot more money on consumption over the years by using a BLDC fan. They are also long-lasting, so you won’t have to search for a new fan for years together.


2. Better Performance 

BLDC fans maintain a higher torque. Torque refers to the force that causes rotation. BLDC ceiling fans have an electronically controlled motor that allows greater speed regulation. This helps in superior air delivery and extraordinary performance. The feedback control system allows easy monitoring and in turn, results in greater torque accuracy and higher efficiency.


3. Minimal Noise 

One of the best attributes of a BLDC motor fan is that it makes minimal noise. This is because there is an absence of friction in BLDC motors. Regular fans have carbon brushes in rotors and stators that cause friction and noise. The combination of advanced BLDC technology in silent fans really proves to be a complete fan package, the best of the features combined in one product.


4. Motor Doesn’t Get Overheated 

Our biggest questions concerning technology are always related to safety, and BLDC ceiling fans promise that. These fans eliminate all chances of overheating because of the lack of an electromagnet in their centre and thus a lack of a magnetic field.


Circling back to the question we started with, ‘are BLDC fans really energy efficient?’, they are in every sense of the word. They lower your costs and consume less energy as compared to regular fans and provide superior air delivery, making sure you enjoy a comfortable breeze in your home every day.