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Ceiling Fans vs Air Conditioners: Which is Better?

  • 5 August

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The debate between air conditioners and ceiling fans has been there for quite some time. Air conditioners are people’s go-to option for cooling appliances while ceiling fans are often overlooked. Air conditioners might provide extra cooling but Crompton ceiling fans are energy-efficient and at the same time, they do not hurt your pockets. When it comes to choosing between air conditioners and ceiling fans, which is the better option?

With the rise in energy-saving appliances, ceiling fans have by far become the most suitable option for moderate to light cooling. However, the factors you should consider before opting for a ceiling fan or a conditioner depends on two things – cooling efficiency and the cost to operate. An air conditioner will cool down the temperature quickly, but a ceiling fan would smartly save some bucks.

Here are a few features that make ceiling fans a better choice:

Easy Maintenance

We are aware of how much dust one ceiling fan can attract, right? It is super easy to clean the blades of the ceiling fan. Just grab a pillowcase or microfiber cleaner and wipe the dust off the fan. You can even go for anti-dust fans if you want to go longer in-between cleanings. In the case of air conditioners, you will probably have to call a maintenance guy, which would cost you more than a ceiling fan.

Advanced technology at a low price

Both ceiling fans and air conditioners can provide cooling for a room. A ceiling fan would evaporate the moisture by circulating the air within the room while an air conditioner does the same job by pumping the warm air outside and releasing cool air into the room to lower the temperature at the expense of increasing your monthly bill.

Ordinary ceiling fans come with a fundamental technology that wears out quickly. In comparison, energy-saving fans are a far better option. Crompton’s energy-efficient fans come with a 34W ActivBLDC motor that consumes 50% less energy than conventional fans. It also has a sleep timer function which automatically switches the fan off after some hours. Also, our Energion ceiling fans come with a Point Anywhere Smart Remote that can be used for all ceiling fans.

Lower power consumption

Crompton’s fans come with a 5-star BEE rating. This is a standard that measures the amount of energy used by an appliance—the more stars it has, the more power it saves. For example, BLDC ceiling fans consume only upto 38W. This means that it is only using 2% of your overall energy consumption, fantastic, right? Whereas, a one-ton air conditioner would use 1000W or more in a day which is a lot more energy for some extra cooling.

With an added advantage of energy and cost efficiency, who doesn’t want to enjoy a premium yet stylish range of ceiling fans? If you are seeking to make a switch to a better option, our Energion series has it all. With a sleek design, this range comes in various colours to suit your colour palette.

To add to that, our Energion ceiling fans can also come with a Point Anywhere Smart Remote control. This allows you to control your fans with the touch of your fingers! Moreover, you would just need one smart remote to manage all your Energion ceiling fans.

With all of these features, Crompton ceiling fans turn out to be a better option in the long run if you don’t need extra-strength cooling. It is not only the more energy-efficient option, but it is also budget-friendly. Choose from a plethora of best ceiling fans available at Crompton and experience high air delivery at a lesser cost!