What is a Tower Fan? Understanding its Working, Types and Benefits

What is a Tower Fan? Understanding its Working, Types and Benefits

  • 22 May

While fans make for an integral part of our daily lives, rarely do we ever think beyond ceiling fans when it comes to purchasing one for our spaces. However, a ceiling fan may not tick all your boxes when you are looking for something that you can move around with. A portable tower fan in this situation is more convenient. The efficient, lightweight and powerful standing fan by Crompton not only blends well aesthetically but also provides a comfortable ambience. This tower fan guide should answer all your questions about tower fan uses and its working. So, get ready to understand more about this electrical appliance.


All About the Working of a Tower Fan 


Typically, fans create a soothing ambience in the space by drawing air through the unit with the force of the fan blades. The air is first drawn from behind and then pushed forward to create a draft. A standing tower fan, on the other hand, draws air in through the side vents which are securely fitted within the housing. The air then spins within the fan, raising the air pressure inside. This leads to air being blown out of the front unit with extra force, which eventually improves the airflow in larger rooms.


Types of Tower Fans


There are various types of tower fans you can explore before making the purchase. Before we jump into the advantages of a tower fan, let’s take a look at the different vertical fan options available on the market today.

1. Bladeless Tower Fan

This is the type of standing tower fan that blows air from a ring. There is no blade in such tower fans. A thin, high-velocity air stream is blown out through continuous openings throughout the tube, or an extended doughnut-shaped hole, by hidden vanes inside the stand. In comparison to a tower fan with vents, the design is more appealing and easier to clean.

2. Oscillating Tower Fan

These fans rotate back and forth, providing more airflow over a larger area in comparison to fans that are fixed and generate airflow in one specific direction.

3. Pedestal Tower Fan

These are the fans that are mounted on a pole which has a broad base. They are robust and elegant additions to homes. This tower fan is ideal for placing behind furniture or for directing air above the bed and perhaps other platforms.

4. Outdoor Power Fan

An outdoor power fan is intended for use outside or in places like bathrooms as well as laundry rooms, where moisture can easily accumulate. Outdoor fans can withstand humidity and feature uniquely engineered motor housing to keep the wiring safe.

While these are only a few examples of tower fans, their benefits will astound you.


Tower Fan Benefits


Here are a few tower fan advantages that will make you want to purchase one for yourself immediately!

1. Portability

A portable tower fan, as the name suggests, is a masterpiece specifically designed to be light in weight. This makes it easy to carry and easier for you to move it to any room you move to.

2. Aesthetic Appeal

A tall and slim portable tower fan does not only take up very little space in your home but in comparison to other fans, it is also considered an appealing addition to the space.

3. Direct Airflow

When positioned close to a seating area, a tower fan would be much less intrusive than a pedestal while still quickly creating a soothing ambience in the space.


Crompton’s Tower Fan


Crompton’s kitchen tower fan is one of the best tower fans you can invest in. The Crompton Air Buddy Compact Kitchen Fan is a sleek, black model of an efficient tower fan. This fan provides a soft, personalised airflow that ensures a comfortable cooking experience. Because of its lightweight and compact design, it is an efficient appliance that you can take with you wherever you go. You can even control the speed using the knob and the direction of airflow using the louvres. Cleaning the fan is as easy as wiping the surface once. Plus, it comes with removable filters for easy maintenance. It has a blade-free design, which makes it safe for children. The most captivating part of this fan is its 2600 RPM speed and air delivery of 700 MCH. What are you waiting for? Get Crompton’s best cooling tower for your home right now!




1. Are tower fans safe for toddlers?

Yes. The tower fan blades are encased inside the unit, making them quite a safe option for keeping around toddlers.

2. Which tower fan is the best?

The Crompton Air Buddy Compact Kitchen Fan is one of the best tower fans you can bring home. From efficient airflow and sleek aesthetics to ease of portability and incredible fan speed, it gives you everything you could dream of.