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Benefits Of #PerfectHotWater

A perfect hot water bath with Crompton Water Heaters brings you several health and hygiene benefits

Personal Hygiene

Maintain overall hygiene by washing the germs off your body

Healthy Skin

Get a clearer and fresher skin with a deep cleansing experience


Breathe new life into yourself with a great way to unwind and relax

Relief From Muscle Tension

Loosen up your stiff muscles to ensure a good night’s sleep

Lowers Blood Pressure

Look after your heart’s health by improving blood circulation in your body

Cold Relief

Breathe freely without congestions with the help of natural hot steam

Key Features Of Crompton Water Heaters

  • Storage Water Heater: Solarium Qube

    Smart Energy Management

    Turns off power when required and consumes less electricity with standby cut-off and high-grade Puff Insulation

  • Advanced 3-Level Safety

    Keeps all parameters in check for protection against electric shocks and auto-off function in case of malfunction

  • Powerful Heating Element

    Heats water to 45°C in 10 minutes with a superior heating element and retains heat for a longer duration

  • Rust-Proof Body

    Offers toughness and heat resistance with a durable body while protecting your tank from corrosion

Protection Against Hard Water

The Triple Shield Technology offers #PerfectHotWater and perfect safety from hard water

  • Glass Line Tank

    Allows tank to function in tough conditions with an advanced coating developed by baking the tank at high temperatures

  • Smart Shield Magnesium Anode Protector

    Acts as a safeguard and protects the tank from corrosion

  • Blue Glass Line Heating Element

    Gives 33% longer life with an excellent oxidation resistance even at high temperatures

Types of Water Heaters

Storage Water Heaters

A wide range of Crompton Storage Water Heaters make sure you get soothing, hot water all year round. These Water Heaters are aesthetically designed to blend perfectly with any type of bathroom decor, giving you the perfect hot water

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Water Heater: Storage Water Heater

Instant Water Heaters

A wide range of Crompton Instant Water Heaters ensure that you have an instant access to hot water at any time of the day. With its Superior Performance, Crompton Instant Water Heaters help fulfil all your heating needs across all seasons!

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Water Heater: Instant Water Heater

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Juno Instant Water Heater

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Juno Storage Water Heater

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Rapidjet Plus 6L

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Rapidjet Plus

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Aqua Plus

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Solarium Vogue

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Solarium Qube

MRP ₹ 10500

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