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Benefits Of #PerfectHotWater

Enjoy hot showers and unmatched safety with Crompton’s range of Water Heaters

Enjoy Sound Sleep

A hot water shower calms the mind and relaxes nerves. It makes your body feel at ease and initiates a good night’s sleep.

Clean and Healthy Skin

A good hot shower can open up the pores in your skin and wash away dirt and toxins, resulting in clean, vibrant and healthy skin.

Bid Farewell To Headaches

A hot shower increases blood flow of vessels in the head, soothes muscles and acts as perfect heat therapy for headaches.

Pain Reliever

Over-stretched muscles, sports injuries, joint pain and other body aches can be easily reduced under the magic of a hot shower.

Controls Blood Pressure

Hot water showers are proven to control blood pressure. It helps widen your veins and arteries to improve blood circulation.

Relieves Cold Symptoms

Steamy showers loosen nasal passages, helping you breathe better. If down with a cold, run a steamy shower and simply relax.

Why Choose Crompton Water-Heater?

  • Powerful Heating Element

    Crompton Water Heaters have a 1200 gm superior heating element to achieve 45°C temperature in just 10 mins.

  • Smart Shield Corrosion Protection

    A magnesium anode rod works perfectly and protects tank and heating elements from corrosion.

  • Nano Poly Bond Technology

    Excellent corrosion resistance ensured by polymer technology & oxidation resistance even in high temperature and pressure.

Suitable for High-rise Buildings

The high-pressure rating and the use of multi-function valves in our models, help them withstand up to 10 bar pressure, making them perfect for high-rise buildings.

5-Star Rated Energy Efficient

High-Grade Eco-friendly PUF insulation ensures high heat retention to conserve energy, reduce electricity bills while delivering optimum performance.

Smart Energy Management

The smart design with energy efficiency helps by cutting off power when the geyser is on standby.

Advanced 3 - Level Safety

Advanced 3-level safety keeps all parameters in check for protection against electric shocks and auto-off function in case of malfunction.

Triple Shield Protection

The glass line coated tank, magnesium anode, and blue glass lined incoloy element protects the water heater from corrosion oxidation and scaling.

Precision Heating Technology

With our new, innovative range of water heaters, we bring you a pleasant and refreshing temperature-controlled bathing experience. With a shock-proof design and a smart LED temperature display, enjoy perfect hot or warm water.

Enabled with superior heating performance, smart energy management, contemporary digital display, and a 1200gm heating element that brings you the ideal 44° celsius temperature in just 10 minutes.

Types of Water Heaters

Storage Water Heaters

Crompton Storage Water Heaters offer you the best performance with incredible looks. These are smartly-designed heaters that not only add to the aesthetics of your home, but also provide great convenience and comfort to your water heating process.

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Water Heater: Storage Water Heater

Instant Water Heaters

A wide range of Crompton Instant Water Heaters ensure that you have instant access to hot water at any time of the day. With superior performance, Crompton Instant Water Heaters help fulfil all your heating needs during winters.

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Water Heater: Instant Water Heater

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Solarium Care

MRP ₹ 12500

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Solarium Qube IOT – Smart water heater with Voice Control, Smart scheduler and Pre-set Timer

MRP ₹ 17000

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Gracee Instant Water Heater (5L) | 4-Level safety with 2-5 year warranty (3k watt)

MRP ₹ 7200

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Instabliss Instant water heater | 4-Level safety | Powerful heating | LED Indicator | Rust-proof body

MRP ₹ 4400

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Crompton Solarium Qube Plus Rust Proof Water Heater | Crompton Greaves

Solarium Qube Plus – Smart water heater with advanced 3-level safety & Smart energy management

MRP ₹ 14000

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Crompton Solarium Neo Water Heater with Sheild Protection | Crompton Greaves

Solarium Neo Storage Water Heater with Triple Shield Protection from hard water (10L / 15L / 25L)

MRP ₹ 10000

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Crompton Solarium Qube Storage Water Heater 1200gm | Crompton Greaves

Solarium Qube Storage water hearer (geyser) | Available in 10 L, 15 L and 25 L | Black and White

MRP ₹ 12500

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Crompton Solarium Evo Smart Water Heater | Crompton Greaves

Solarium Evo Storage water heater with a powerful heating element | Available in 10 L, 15 L and 25 L

MRP ₹ 12000

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Crompton Best Classic Water Heater | Crompton Greaves

Classic water heater with 4-star rated Energy efficiency | Powerful heating | Advanced safety

MRP ₹ 6500

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Crompton Gracee Rust and Shock Proof Water Heater | Crompton Greaves

Gracee instant water heater | 4-Level Advanced safety | Rust-proof body | LED Indicator

MRP ₹ 4800

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Crompton Arno Supremus with Sheild Protection | Crompton Greaves

Arno Supremus storage geyser with 3-Level safety and Temperature control | (6 / 10 / 15 / 25 ) L

MRP ₹ 9500

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Crompton Versa Water Heater with Temperature Control Knob | Crompton Greaves

Versa storage geyser | Powerful heating element and Energy saving insitu PUF | (10L / 15L / 25L)

MRP ₹ 10000

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Crompton Instajet Shock Proof Water Geyser | Crompton Greaves

Instajet Instant water heater (3L) | Smart health protection | 4-Level safety | Neon Indication

MRP ₹ 4400

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Crompton Juno Water Geyser with Advance Safety | Crompton Greaves

Juno Instant Water heater (3L) | 4-Level safety | Powerful heating | Durable rust-proof body

MRP ₹ 4600

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Crompton Juno Water Heater with Smart Sheild | Crompton Greaves

Juno Storage geyser with smart energy management and temperature control (6 / 10 / 15 / 25 ) L

MRP ₹ 8000

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Crompton Rapidjet Plus 6-L Water Heater with Smart Safety | Crompton Greaves

Rapidjet Plus water heater with 4-Level safety, poweful heating element and LED indicator (1L/3L)

MRP ₹ 8500

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Crompton Rapid Jet Plus Water Heater 1L & 3L | Crompton Greaves

Rapid Jet Plus geyser (1L/3L) | Powerful heating | Durable body | Advanced 4-Level safety

MRP ₹ 4000

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Rapid Jet Instant water heater (3L) | LED Indication | Powerful heating element | Stainless Steel tank

MRP ₹ 4400

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Crompton Solarium Vogue Instant Water Geyser with LED | Crompton Greaves

Solarium Vogue water geyser (3L) with Advanced safety | Powerful heating | LED Indicator

MRP ₹ 5600

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Crompton Bliss Rust and Shock Proof Water Heater | Crompton Greaves

Bliss Instant water heater (1L/3L) | Powerful heating element | ABS Body with corrosion protection

MRP ₹ 4000

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Crompton Solarium Neo Smart Health Protecter Water Heater | Crompton Greaves

Solarium NEO Instant water heater | Smart LED Indication | Overheat protection | Rust-proof body

MRP ₹ 4600

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Crompton Solarium Aura Rust Proof Water Heater | Crompton Greaves

Solarium Aura Water Heater with Powerful heating element and rust-proof body (6 / 10 / 15 / 25 ) L

MRP ₹ 10000

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Crompton Amica Geyser 1200gm | Crompton Greaves

Amica Storage geyser with advanced 3-Level safety & corrosion resistance | (10L / 15L / 25L)

MRP ₹ 10500

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Crompton Arno Neo Electric Geyser with Smart Safety -6 / 10 / 15 / 25 Ltr | Crompton Greaves

Arno Neo Storage geyser | Copper heating element and advanced safety | (6 / 10 / 15 / 25 ) L

MRP ₹ 7500

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