Basic Fans

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Buy Basic Fans Online In India 

Basic fans at Crompton are built with state-of-the-art design and quality material, keeping in mind the comfort of customers. Read on to know about the features and specifications of these basic fans!

Types Of Fans Online 

There are a variety of ceiling fans available in the current market. Crompton provides its customers with one of the broadest ranges and types of ceiling fans in the market.

Crompton has a wide array of different types of fans, such as silent fans, underlight fans, Electroplated finish fans, Designer fans, Duratech fans, Antidust fans, Air360 fans, energy-efficient fans and also basic fans

Each category of ceiling fans is categorized by their features and functions, with each having a specialty which sets it apart from the rest. 

The basic fan is one such range. These fans pack all the necessary features required for normal usage coupled with the superior build quality, giving you a premium experience. 

Features and Benefits of Basic Fan Online

The basic fans at Crompton are built to provide the collection of the best features in a budget price to meet the needs of the average customer. 

The basic fans are built with copper windings in its motor. Copper has excellent electrical conductivity compared to most commercially used metals. This allows the motor to work smoothly and allows superior functionality. Copper also has longer durability, thus reducing costs on repair and replacement.

Basic fans are also called simple fans due to its appearance and minimal features and material input. Crompton’s basic fans are built with aluminium bodies. Aluminium prevents corrosion and reduces dust, leading to a reduction in replacement and cleaning costs.

Crompton’s Basic fans have an excellent build design, as mentioned above. These fans come in various colours and are built with sleek minimalistic designs to keep them looking classy and compliment any interior. All of these features are also coupled with superior performance specifications with a base 380RPM. 

The Basic fan series is the perfect fit for anyone looking for a simple, sleek design and many other top-grade features. The price range for these fans is also extremely affordable.