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Buy Silent Fans Online in India

While it is tough to bear the heat without a ceiling fan, the noise of the fan can often get to your nerves. Crompton takes care of all the noise problems you endure from fans and ensures a quiet space with the cutting edge and revolutionary silent fans

Features and Benefits of Silent Fans

Silent fans in India are gaining popularity because their capabilities are on another level when compared to noisy fans. Before you buy ceiling fan online, you need to look out for certain features such as sweep length, air delivery volume, working voltage, noise level, and RPM of the fan. There are some additional parameters like cost, color, warranty, safety, and remote operation that you need to look into as well!

The most crucial aspect of these ceiling fans is their noise level. Traditional fans have a noise rating of 70 decibels. In silent fans, the noise is nearly two times lesser, generally in the range of 50-55 decibels. Crompton’s silent fans also come with great features like anti-dust technology and smart remote, making them much more superior to the traditional fans in the market.

The sweep of a silent ceiling fan refers to its wingspan while in motion. A sweep length of approximately 1200 mm is enough to cover the entire volume for standard rooms. The speed of rotation for these fans should be around 300-350 RPM for the best airflow along with an air delivery rate of approximately 200-240 CMM for maximum comfort. Crompton silent ceiling fans are sleek and stylish and have a significant impact on interior design. These fans come in a variety of colours and you can choose one based on your preference.

Ceiling fans should generally have security features in place to prevent accidents, along with an excellent multi-year warranty. Crompton silent fans score high in all these parameters.  

Another amazing feature of modern-day silent ceiling fans is the ability to control it using a remote. The aerodynamic body of silent fans allows them to increase the airflow dramatically, while also reducing the noise produced by the fan. These fans can conserve more power by automatically switching off after a certain number of hours.

Traditional fans operate in the range of 80 Watts. Crompton silent fans can operate at about 40 Watts which is half the power of standard fans, thus increasing savings by 50%.

Crompton silent fans are some of the best ceiling fans in India with price in the range of 6,900 INR to 11,000 INR.