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    GLS Clear Incandescent Lamp

    GLS Clear Incandescent Lamp



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Buy Crompton GLS Incandescent bulb Online In India

Light up your home with the stunning range of GLS Lamps from Crompton! These lamps provide the best in class lumen output, last long and are super affordable!

What is a GLS Light Bulb?

GLS Lamps or General Lighting Services Lamps are conventional light bulbs from Crompton which use filament light, unlike LED light bulbs that use diode light, to give your room a vibrant glow. They are also popularly known as incandescent lamps.

Features of Crompton GLS Lamp Bulbs

Crompton GLS Lamps come packed with many fantastic features. These lamps are stylishly designed to give you an energy-efficient performance while working with both Alternating and Direct Current. Furthermore, they don’t require any external regulating equipment and have an Insta Fit feature which makes the installation process easier.

When it comes to an LED lamp, it can work only on direct current. While direct current flows in one direction, alternating current flows in both directions. When you use these GLS Lamps there is no need to worry whether the power source in your house uses AC or DC.

The GLS lamp bulb from Crompton does not need any external regulating equipment like ballast to regulate the flow of electricity. There will be no fluctuations in your energy consumption which lead to higher electricity bills with this incandescent lamp!

The Insta Fit feature of Crompton bulbs makes installation completely hassle-free and takes only a few minutes to install! However, it is important to check the base capsize while installing the bulb into the light socket. The base cap is the metallic portion of the bulb that goes into the light socket. If you buy the bulb without matching the base capsize, the light bulb will not fit into the socket.

These energy-saving lamps consume less electricity which helps you save on your electricity bills. Like any other product from Crompton, these lamps are stylishly designed and add to the aesthetic value of your home.

Your electricity consumption varies with the wattage of the bulb. A bulb that has a higher wattage will give you brighter light but will also consume more electricity. The lighting required will depend on the area you want to illuminate.

Crompton GLS Lamps offer you a wide range of options when it comes to wattage. You can get lamps with wattage ranging between 25 and 200 watts that will take care of all your lighting needs!

If you want lighting for a particular area of your room, then use a 25-watt bulb. If you need to light up an entire room, then go for a 200-watt bulb. A combination of high and low wattage bulbs can also give you the perfect lighting. Considering the benefits you get, these lamps are reasonably priced.

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