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Crompton presents a range of table fans to give you the best cooling experience during summers.  Experience the Highly innovative technology and modern design to give you a smooth cooling experience throughout summer. These fans come with a unique windmill like a blade for high performance.

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Our innovative range of table fans is easily portable and designed to suit your individual cooling needs wherever you need them. Table fans are also a great option for compact and small spaces. With their user-friendly and lightweight structure, table fans offer a quick and convenient solution to the unbearable heat!

Explore Wide Range of Table Fans by Crompton

The vast variety of small, space-saving table fans offered by Us ensures that users find one of the best cooling solutions at an affordable price. Crompton’s durable and long-lasting table fans are available in stores all across India. You can also opt to buy Crompton’s table fans online here. The price of the table fans ranges from anywhere between INR 2, 200 – INR 2,950 and makes for a great investment during the long and hot summer months.

Features And Benefits

Crompton’s new range of table fans combines beautiful design with superior performance. With elegant color options and refreshed aesthetics, these table fans blend perfectly into the design of your home and are a wonderful way to get personalized cooling as well. Along with a clean and minimalist design, Crompton’s table fans set the stand high when it comes to features and benefits.

Wide oscillation and motorized control: These table fans are perfect for covering more surface area and facilitating ventilation in small spaces. The wide oscillation and motorized control allow table fans to provide higher and more focused air delivery than their conventional counterparts.

Reliable and long-lasting:  Along with smooth neck tilting, a strong base that offers stability and support to the fan, and the sturdy ABS blade stand, these table fans also offer inbuilt thermal overload protection which proves that tables fans are not only cost-efficient but also a durable cooling solution.

Power-packed Features and Safety: Crompton table fans are powerful and elegant in looks. It comes with a metal grill that is finger proof which helps prevent any accidents making them safe around children. 

Highly efficient: Crompton’s table fans like Pentaflo come equipped with the revolutionary Silent Pro Technology which allows you to enjoy the cool breeze without worrying about the noise!


What should I look for in a table fan?

There are many things you can look for when buying a table fan. For example fan speed, power consumption, oscillation feature, ease of portability, and air delivery. Make sure to consider these points before you purchase a table fan. Also, you can check out Crompton’s new range of pedestal fans for an affordable yet efficient cooling option.

How long can we use a table fan?

You can leave a table fan running continuously for eight hours or so on average, without worrying about unexpected damage. That does not mean, you have to push your table fan to its limits

Do table fans consume more electricity?

Table fans use less power when compared to ceiling fans. Basic table fans use 50 to 55 watts of electricity as we can find in the market. The high-speed variant of the table and stand fans use more power, 65 to 110 watts.

Which is a better ceiling fan or table fan?

The ceiling fans deliver the air from the ceiling down into your room. Table fans also circulate air, but they move it outward.  Also, table fans can be positioned according to your changing needs. Both table and ceiling fans have several advantages and disadvantages, but the choice for your home depends on your needs and space.

Table Fan Price List in India

Products MRP
Whirlwind Gale ₹3,700.00
High-Speed Torpedo TF ₹3,390.00
Windmill ₹3,100.00
High Speed ₹3,000.00
SDX Black Gold ₹2,990.00
SilentPro Pentaflo TF ₹2,870.00
High Flo EVA ₹2,560.00
High Flo Wave Plus TF ₹2,560.00