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    Optimus Neo 52

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    Air Delivery - 1350 m³/hr

    Suitable for upto 160 sq. ft.

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Buy Tower Cooler Online in India

Enjoy a cool and pleasant breeze with Crompton’s state-of-the-art tower cooler. Its innovative design gives you superior cooling and an effective air throw that reaches every corner of the room. Get ready to make the most of your summers with these tower coolers!

Tower air coolers can effectively provide cool air delivery at the desired height. They are suitable for huge spaces and you can experience cooling at an elevation. Tower coolers are powerful units and it is suitable for locations with humid or sub-tropical climate which is experienced in India. 

What Benefits Do Crompton Tower Coolers Offer?

The cooling that you get from your tower cooler comes from the moisture provided by the water tank. For smooth functioning, you need to ensure that the water levels inside the tank do not go below the indicated level. 

To make the refill process easier, Crompton Tower Coolers come equipped with Low-Level Water Indicators. When the indicator glows, all you need to do is fill up the tank! 

The instant cooling that you experience with these coolers is due to the revolutionary Honeycomb Pads. The incoming hot air is cooled down by these pads which are known to retain moisture in them for a longer period of time. Cooling is taken to the next level with the large ice chamber found in Crompton’s tower coolers.

There are many fantastic benefits associated with using the Crompton tower cooler! One such benefit is that you can set a timer according to your need. When it’s time up, the cooler automatically switches off. There is hardly any need for manual operation with this cooling tower.

You also get unlimited convenience while switching on your Crompton tower cooler with the Digital Operations Remote Control. You can adjust the temperature setting, hassle-free, from any corner of the room with this remote!  

 Crompton provides Smart Digital Functions like humidity control so that you control the temperature in your room Your room also remains clean and bug-free at all times due to the mosquito and dust filter net. 

Additionally, the Everlast Pump in the cooler works efficiently even with hard water. The best part, however, is the easy maintenance factor of this cooler which is made simple with the Water Drain Plug feature. 

Every corner of your room receives the same efficient cooling due to the 4-way air deflection feature of these coolers. These coolers promise to make you feel instantly refreshed and energized with its superior air delivery! 

Why Crompton Tower Coolers Are Value For Your Money?

Crompton offers some of the best tower coolers in India when a variety of factors like the size of your room, cooling, price and much more are considered. If you are buying a cooler in India, Crompton has a range of superior products that offer numerous benefits at a reasonable price to suit all budget types. These highly efficient tower coolers are available at an affordable price range of INR 10,000-13,000/-.