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Turning smart is the new way of thriving and surviving in today’s time. This applies not only to humans but to several non-living things around us.  We have a plethora of examples of innovation in various fields, from electronics to automobiles. Today, we have smartphones, smart TVs, EV scooters, and cars. And Smart Ceiling Fans are the latest addition to this list.

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Gone are those days when Fans were the dull thing used solely for the purpose of air circulation. Today, they have different roles to perform. Starting from setting a style statement to ease of use, and obviously circulating the air. 

They had to undergo a drastic evolution to remain relevant in the era of change. Hence came into existence the new sensation: “Smart Ceiling Fans.” They come equipped with a touch of technology to make your life easier and better.

What does a Smart Ceiling fan do?

Let’s consider a simple situation: on a summer night, you are all tucked in, ready to drift asleep, and suddenly realize that the fan is too slow. Imagine getting up from a comfortable bed to turn the speed up. 

Tormenting enough? But what if you could do that with just a voice command?

No, we are not talking magic. Instead, the technological integration called voice command gets your work done. And this is just the tip of the iceberg, as there are many features available in the new Smart Ceiling Fans.

Some of the standard features of the Latest Ceiling Fans are listed below:

1. IOT Enabled: The Internet of things (IoT) refers to the connectivity network between different objects. The Smart Ceiling Fans come equipped with IoT that allows them to follow remote commands from app devices like Alexa.

2. Timer Function: Just like setting the alarm on your mobile phone, which wakes you up at a set time, smart fans come with Timer Function that automatically switches them off after a set time.

3. High-Quality Air Delivery: With all the new technology, the main feature of a ceiling fan, which is to provide excellent airflow, is not compromised. They come with an air delivery of 230 CMM, 38RPM speed, and 5-level speed control.

4. Energy efficient: apart from providing power, these fans are also efficient in saving energy. 

5. New age design: Looks are as important as performance. Hence these latest fans come with a vintage look fused into the latest technology.

Why choose a Crompton Smart Fan for your home?

Crompton is one of the renowned manufacturers of electronic appliances in India. And also the pioneer in the field of Smart Fans in India. 

Integration of technology

Their range of SilentPro fans has been a game-changer. The fans that fall under this category are IoT enabled. They support features like Google Home, Alexa integration, and remote control.

The smart tech integration in the fan allows you to make the most of features like “Sleep Mode and Natural Breeze Mode.” 

In the “Sleep Mode,” the fan will automatically reduce its speed every 90 minutes to provide silent operation throughout the night. On the other hand, the Natural breeze Mode will switch the fan between 3-5 speeds to recreate the natural breeze effect.

Many other unique features can be accessed using MyCrompton Mobile App.

Power-packed performance

Talking about the performance of these fans, the motor is powered by ActivBLDC technology. This ensures the silent operation of the fan at 52 decibels. With an input of 42W, the fan can operate between 90V-300V. This ensures that you save almost 50% on your energy consumption every year.

However, Crompton has not made any compromises with the performance of their fans. Instead, this new range of Smart Ceiling Fans is known for its great aerodynamic design that delivers high-quality air.

Being a household name in India, Crompton always provides you with Smart Ceiling Fan at pocket-friendly prices.

Features and Benefits

1. Aerodynamic Designs

2. Wifi integration

3. Remote control

4. Google Home and Alexa configured

5. Powered by ActivBLDC technology

6. Silent operation at 52 Db

7. Smart Operations like New Sleep Mode and Natural Sleep Mode


Crompton Greaves Silent Pro Enso Smart 1225 mm Activ Bldc Ceiling Fan with Remote IoT Enabled Amazon 7750 Rs.
SilentPro Enso 3 Blade Noiseless Ceiling Fan (ActivBLDC Technology) Amazon  6815Rs.
Crompton Silent Pro Enso 1225 mm (48 inch) ActivBLDC Remote Controlled Ceiling Fan Amazon 8179 Rs.



Q1. Which is the Best Smart Ceiling fan?

Crompton Greaves Silent Pro Enso Smart 1225 mm ActivBldc Ceiling Fan with Remote IoT Enabled is the Best Smart Ceiling Fan.

Q2. What is the best smart ceiling fan with Alexa in India?

Crompton Greaves Silent Pro Enso Smart 1225 mm ActivBldc Ceiling Fan with Remote IoT Enabled is one of the best Smart Ceiling Fans with Alexa.

Q3. Are Smart Ceiling fans worth buying?

Smart Ceiling fans are the best addition to your interior. They are easy to handle and come in great designs that add to the décor of your interior. 

Q4. What is the price of Smart fans?

Smart Fans in India range from 6000 to 15000 rupees.