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Is your purse feeling the heat of gas bills recently? With the rising prices, it is possible that your gas bill has taken a toll on your budget. Now, if you want to do something about it, we have a solution for you: Induction Stoves. An induction cooktop or Induction Chulha is an electrical machine delicately designed and engineered to reduce your dependency on gas stoves or any other kind of fuel-based cooking. They come with a wide range of features, making them one of the must-have appliances for your kitchen.

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    Instaserve Induction Glass Top Plate with 2000W

    Induction Cooktops at best price online

    MRP 4,000.00

    2000 W

    7 Built In menu options

    Upto 2.5KV surge protection

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    Instaserve Portable Induction Cooktop with Extra Safety and 1500 Watts

    Home Appliances - Modern & Stylish Home Appliances | High Quality Food Preparation Appliances

    MRP 3,700.00

    1500 Watts

    4 Built In menu options

    Upto 2.5KV surge protection

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Induction cooktop and their working

Induction cooktops offer a high level of convenience due to their fast heating times, precise temperature control, and easy-to-clean surfaces. They are also more energy-efficient than traditional gas or electric cooktops, making them a must have kitchen appliance for home cooks.

Let’s understand the mechanics behind what makes these induction cooktops unique. Unlike gas stoves that make use of fuel to create thermal conduction, induction stoves use electric currents to heat pots and pans directly.

They have a built-in copper coil underneath the cooking surface, usually made of glass or ceramic. When you turn on your device, electricity passes through this coil, creating a fluctuating magnetic field. This magnetic field doesn’t generate heat on the surface of your stove. Instead, it induces small electric currents on the vessel itself. Hence generating the requisite heat to cook your favourite meal.

One of the main benefits of an induction cooktop is its speed and efficiency. The electromagnetic field created by the cooktop heats the cookware directly, rather than the air around it, resulting in faster heating times and less wasted energy. Additionally, induction cooktops offer precise temperature control, making it easier to cook delicate dishes or maintain a steady simmer. They are also safer than traditional gas or electric cooktops, as the surface itself doesn’t get hot, reducing the risk of burns or fires.

Features of Crompton Induction Stoves

Crompton offers some of the best induction stoves in the market. Their electric cooktops have a perfect blend of design and features, making their product more desirable and convenient. Let’s take a quick look at some of the features:

1. No additional connection

Convenience is the biggest reason why anyone would want an Induction stove. Unlike gas stoves, which require to be connected to an inlet gas pipe, Induction cooktops work without any connection. Since they are powered by electricity, you only need a working electricity connection to cook your favourite food. In simple words: plug in and play.

2. Quicker heating and faster cooking

One common misconception about induction stoves is that they take time to prepare food. Well, Crompton’s electric chulhas certainly don’t. They come equipped with a 2000 watts heating element that ensures quick heating. This saves you precious cooking time, which you can invest in doing things you like.

3. Better safety

One of the biggest reasons behind kitchen accidents is the flame from stoves. Induction Stoves have negated the chances of such accidents completely. These machines generate magnetic flux that is transferred directly to the vessel. Since the cooking surface of the stove itself doesn’t become hot, the chances of accidental flame burn automatically drop.

4. In-built cooking options

Crompton is aware of the varied taste of Indian cuisines. And hence has come up with an in-built cooking option that allows you to cook 7 different dishes with minimum fuss. Now just put the vessel on the induction chulha, press one button, and let the appliance do the work.

5. Energy efficient 

Above everything, these appliances are energy efficient. Since they run on electricity and don’t use a direct heating method, they are more effective. This means they don’t use much energy and can be more convenient and economical than gas stoves.

These are the features you must consider before buying an induction cooktop.

Induction Cooktop vs. Gas stove

There are some critical differences between Induction cooktop and their counterpart gas stoves. Let’s take a look at them in an instant so that you can make a better choice for yourself.

  1. How they function

One of the most significant differences between an induction cooker and a traditional gas stove is their function mode. On the one hand, we have gas stoves that use burners that burn gas to generate the heat required for cooking food. These burners can be controlled using gas knobs.

On the other hand, induction stoves make the most of electromagnetism to generate heat directly in the vessel. They don’t use fuel to create fire. Instead, advanced technology helps them directly transfer electric impulses from a copper coil to induction-friendly containers.

  1. Temperature control

Induction cooktops come with varied technological features. And temperature control is one of them. Regular gas cooktops give you only two options: high and low flame. But with Induction stoves, you can decide how much heat you want. With temperature control technology, you can generate just the right amount of heat to cook your favourite meal. This ensures there is no wastage of heat, making induction cooktops more efficient.

  1. Efficiency

It goes without saying that an electronic induction stove is more energy efficient than your traditional stove. And the reason behind this is the mode of transferring energy on each device.

A regular gas stove uses the indirect heating mode, resulting in extra heat being lost. Therefore, they end up passing radiant energy to your food. And using more energy while providing less efficiency in cooking. At the same time, an induction cooktop transfers electromagnetic energy, being in direct contact with the vessel. Hence it is more effective, more efficient, and less costly overall.

Choose the right Induction cooktop

There are a variety of induction stoves available on the market. And to choose the right one for your requirements, you need to watch out for the following variables:

  • Power rate: this is a crucial point to consider while buying an induction cooker because a higher power rate means faster heating. Most devices are between 1000W-2000w.
  • Pre-set Menu: if you use the cooktop regularly, make sure that it has your desired menus. For example, Crompton offers you 7 Indian dishes on a preset menu to make cooking easier for you.
  • Pan sizes: the coil of an induction stove doesn’t start heating if the vessel is of the wrong size. Hence it is essential to buy the cooktop with the correct pan size.
  • Safety: if you want a pleasing cooking experience with no mishaps, buy the best induction stove with good safety features like temperature detection.

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1. How to use an induction stove?

Using an induction stove is very easy. Just turn on the device, and put your induction-compatible vessel on it. Then time your cooking and remove the vessel when cooking is complete.

2. Are induction cooktops safe?

Yes, induction cooktops are very safe. They not only save you from flame burns, but even the non-ionizing radiations generated by them are harmless to our bodies.

3. Can an induction chulha ignite a fire?

Although Induction chulha doesn’t use fire as a mode for cooking, careless and improper ways of cooking can still cause a fire in your kitchen.

4. Why choose an electric induction cooktop?

Electronic induction cooktops are very efficient in comparison to gas stoves. Since they use electromagnetism, they are safe and can ease your process of cooking.