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    Activhot Electric Kettle 1L – Matte Black Finish

    Electric kettle at best price online



    Cool Touch Body

    1000 Watts

    Matte Black Finish

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Buy electric kettle for a quick water heat up

An electric kettle is a great choice of household appliance to help you save energy and time. This kitchen appliance will instantly help you to get warm water. Especially, through tough times like these, everyone is taking care of their immunity system. Having warm water at regular intervals has now become a part and parcel of the new normal life.  Well, as the name suggests an electric kettle can heat liquid with the help of electricity. It is one of the simplest kitchen appliances making the process of heating and boiling liquids much easier for you. So, enjoy the multiple benefits and uses of an electric kettle with Crompton!

The Complete Guide To Buying An Electric Kettle

While you may do your research to buy an electric kettle online, you first need to consider a few essential factors.

Crompton’s electric kettle offers instant heating along with the added benefit of portability. With maximum safety features and esthetic designs, Crompton’s electric kettles offer a convenient and pleasant user experience.

The weight, durability, material, size and exterior heat are other things that you must keep in mind while buying an electric kettle online.

Features and Benefits To Look When Buying An Electric Kettle

As an electric kettle will be used daily, it should offer great convenience and aesthetic value to its users. You must focus on the design and size of the electric kettle along with its performance.  The touch and feel of the exterior and the opening mouth of the kettle are a few more things that will influence the purchase decision.

Auto shut off is now available in most of the latest models of electric kettles. A few models will also have on/off LED indicator for a better experience. These features offer maximum safety so that you can use this product without any worries! Having a wider mouth helps to easily clean the kettle, and its capacity of holding liquid is 1.5 litres. Crompton electric kettles comprises of all these features.

Crompton offers many more fantastic features such as an exterior body with dual wall protection, 360 swivel base, auto shut function and premium aesthetics. Because of the premium design, the kettle is cool from outside even while the water is heating inside due to double wall protection! It also has a unique feature of one-touch open technology for a hassle-free experience.

Crompton’s electric kettle comes with 1 year warranty. This affordable range of kettles starts from INR 1,600-1,900 to best serve your heating needs!