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We cannot imagine a home without a fan, it has become a necessity and compulsion to own one due to India’s weather. We bring you a wide range of premium ceiling fans inspired by the latest technology and design. At Crompton, choose from an expansive spectrum of premium fans with qualities like being energy-efficient, high-speed anti-dust, Duratech, designer, and many more types. These fans have been built keeping in mind India's needs as a predominantly hot country. Enjoy a whiff of cool breeze from Crompton’s range of ceiling fans. 

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    Avancer Prime Anti dust fan with different colors

    Anti-Dust Fans - Enjoy Dust-Free Comfort | Antidust

    MRP 5,859.00

    Anti-Dust Fan with Multiple Colour Options

    Superior Air Delivery with High Speed (370 RPM)

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    Senoprime Unique Ceiling fan Design with longer blade

    Designer Ceiling Fans | Designer

    MRP 5,089.00

    Unique Ceiling Fan with Sturdy and robust body

    Innovative Designer Fan Blades

    Superior 225 & 140 CMM Air Delivery

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    Aura High Speed & Decorative Ceiling Fan

    Designer Ceiling Fans | Designer

    MRP 4,890.00

    Decorative Ceiling Fan with High Speed (380 RPM)

    Wider blades for Higher Air Delivery in Designer Fan

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    Modern Leaf designer luxury false Metal ceiling fan

    Ceiling Fans - High Speed Ceiling Fans | Designer Ceiling Fans

    MRP 3,600.00

    Unique Motor Design with Dual Tone Trims

    Wider blades Designer Fan for higher air delivery

    Modern Designer Fans Air Delivery for Maximum Comfort

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    Aura Plus Energy saving High Speed ceiling fan (Wide Blades)

    BLDC Fans: Energy Efficient & Power Saving Fans | Energy Efficient & Low Voltage

    MRP 2,670.00

    Energy-efficient BLDC Fan with High Speed (380 RPM)

    Wider Fan Blades for Superior Air Delivery

    BLDC Ceiling Fan with 100% Copper Winding

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Buy Ceiling Fans Online in India

Feeling confused while buying a perfect high speed ceiling fan? Crompton offers the best ceiling fans in India. Enjoy an all-new cooling experience with Crompton’s super-efficient premium consumer fans. These highly functional yet stylish fans instantly provide a cool breeze to any part of the room in a matter of minutes. Ensure the interiors of your home stay as elegant as ever, as the ceiling fans not only function the best but also look exquisite! Staying cool and comfortable is now just a click away and has become more convenient than ever with high-quality ceiling fans offered by Crompton! With a large collection and fans that fit all requirements, the process of buying a fan has become more pleasant and easy. Choose a perfect BLDC ceiling fan for your home with Crompton.


Types of Ceiling Fans

Crompton offers a plethora of options regarding our wide range of fans. With an upsurge in technological advances, electrical appliances have evolved too! An abundance of features like high speed ceiling fans, additional LED lights, low watt ceiling fans, and much more grace your home. Crompton’s array of fans comes in numerous types. Here’s a list of the same:   

1. Silent Fans – No one enjoys a noisy atmosphere, Silent Fans are in fashion now! Crompton’s Silent Fans have multiple benefits like they have smart functionality with intelligent memory functions, making it comfortable and convenient for use. The Anti-Dust coating doesn’t allow dust to settle on it. The unique ActivBLDC technology helps you save electricity.

2. Ceiling Fans with LED Lights – Give your home an “Aesthetic” look with Crompton’s modern ceiling fans. These fans serve two purposes at once, ceiling fans with light come with multiple color options, and the electroplated finish adds a premium aesthetic look. The fans arrive with powerful motors and a ceiling fan remote control to control the lights and the fan speed.

3. Electroplated Finish Fans – Crompton’s Electroplated Finish Fans have a great blade angle as the blades have been aerodynamically designed. It is rust-proof and the wonderful finish adds a beautiful touch to your home. It includes a copper motor for higher delivery.

4. Modern Designer Fans – The modern ceiling fans by Crompton are the epitome of style. Take the decor of your home up a notch, the modern designer ceiling fans have wider blades and a sturdy body. The anti-corrosive properties and silent performance increase the fan’s efficiency greatly.

5. Duratech Fans –  The Duratech Fans by Crompton are built in a way where it attracts 50% less dust. The highest grade EQM motor graces these fans, most of the fans have a three-part build but the two-part build makes these fans look trendy, is lighter, and produces less noise. 

6. Anti-Dust Fans – Save yourself from the constant thought of dusting your fan. Crompton’s Anti-dust fans reduce dust collection by 50%. These fans are the best in the market as they utilize the Duratech technology. It includes a high-endurance box capacitor and provides better insulation. 

7. Air 360 Fans – These Air 360 fans ensure the cooling of the whole room and give a large ventilation space. The gliding technology keeps the fan compact while covering a large area. The anti-drag technology is beneficial for homes with a lower ceiling. It’s one of the best multi-purpose fans in the market. 

8. BLDC fans – Put a stop to high electricity bills with Crompton’s BLDC fans. These fans save a lot of energy and give you the benefit of living in an energy-efficient home and do not overheat after using them for a lengthy period. 

9. Basic Fans – These Basic fans come with all the features necessary for usage, and the simple design looks aesthetically pleasing. The aluminum body prevents corrosion and cuts down cleaning costs. 

Choosing the right fan for your home is important and with a wide range of fans, fitting all your requirements, it is now easier to purchase one. 


Features of Ceiling Fans

A great ceiling fan comes with multiple features to cover all the customer’s requirements. With the increase in electrical technology, the number of features has increased and ceiling fans are gaining popularity for their features and aesthetic look. 

The smart remote helps to operate the fan from anywhere, this makes it an extremely convenient and comfortable experience. The fans are 2x more silent and do not disturb you while working. The enhanced safety features prevent the fan from falling and avoid a nightmare to behold. Forgotten to turn your fan off while leaving? Crompton’s fans save the day. The sleep timer helps to switch off the fan automatically after a certain period. The Anti-Dust technology prevents dust from settling on the fan’s surface and also avoids grease.  

The Anti Drag Technology helps to cover a large area and can be used in homes with a lower ceiling. The ActivBLDC technology grants you the benefit of a higher speed and performance, it is energy efficient and also reduces the electricity bill. 

The above-mentioned features prove to be helpful to consumers and make their homes look elegant while ensuring comfort. 


Why Choose Crompton Ceiling Fans

Crompton is a well-known name in the field of electric appliances. It has been successful in maintaining its legacy over the past 90 years. Crompton has successfully adapted to new technologies and upscaled its products for customers. 

These products have multiple benefits and ensure the comfort and overall look of the home are maintained. Crompton offers the best ceiling fans in India, with a huge array of options to choose from. The technology used in these ceiling fans maintains the look of your home. It ensures your safety and offers a warranty of up to 5 years for its products. It guarantees that energy and electricity are saved, and lowers your electricity bills. The fans fit perfectly into everyone’s budget and offer a wide range of benefits. Crompton successfully serves its customers and maintains its name proudly.


Ceiling fan’s online price in India

Here’s our list of top Products with their latest price.

SilentPro Enso Wood Finish
SilentPro Enso Antidust
Trigger Glow
SilentPro Enso
Triton Electroplated
Energion Stylus
Markle Designer
Aura Designer 3D
Aura Designer 2D

FAQs about Ceiling Fans

1. Are ceiling fans worth it?

While air conditioners remain all the rage during summer, ceiling fans are still dependable options. They can be used all year round and don’t consume a lot of energy. With numerous ceiling fan styles, you have to choose one that best suits the aesthetics of your home, office, or outdoor setting. After all, a ceiling fan can also enhance the decor, apart from its basic utilities.

2.  What is the cost of a ceiling fan?

If you look for economy fans, they start from INR 1,300, and Deco variants go up to INR 1,500. Crompton also offers a mid-premium range that starts from INR 2,200, depending on the model you choose. If you are looking for a premium range you can choose Nebula, Jupiter, Uranus, and many more. This will cost you around INR 8000 to INR 12000

3. Do ceiling fans cool a room?

A ceiling fan does not lower the overall temperature of your room, but it can make your surroundings feel cooler. Though ceiling fans do not physically cool air, they can still increase the air circulation inside the room to give you a cool breeze.

4. What rooms should have ceiling fans?

The bedroom, living room, lobby, study room, kid’s room, office, and almost every room in the house are suitable for fans. However, make sure that the room has a high ceiling. Crompton Ceiling fans are an excellent addition to every room because they provide better air circulation, making the room more comfortable.

*Disclaimer: Prices mentioned on the website are for reference only and may vary from product to product for different specifications or functionality. Prices mentioned are subject to change without prior intimation/notice.