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Buy Garment Care Online in India 

First impressions can go a long way in private as well as professional encounters. Crisply ironed clothes can be the easiest way to make a good first impression, and that’s where Crompton garment care comes into the picture!

Browse Through Different Kinds of Irons Online at Crompton 

Crompton offers an exclusive range of premium irons like dry irons and steam irons which come equipped with market-leading technology.

Dry irons are known for their sturdy, easy to clean, long-lasting and simple to use operation which can be used on almost any fabric. It is an excellent choice if you are looking for a quick press every morning, be it for formal or casual wear. Crompton irons come with a range of dry irons to meet your individual needs with its state-of-the-art coating technology.

The steam irons are known for their ability to get rid of stubborn wrinkles and creases with great ease. Crompton promises to offer steam irons which are easy to use and even easier to clean. With the use of durable material, maintaining and cleaning steam irons have never been so easy.

Features of Crompton irons 

While deciding on an iron its essential to know what combination of features would be an excellent fit for your usage. Starting with the soleplate coating, Crompton provides three different options in Teflon, Gold and American heritage.

Beginning with the entry-level models which come with a primary double coating of non-stick Teflon. These irons are occasionally used to iron casual and other daily wear.

For more frequent users, Dupont and Weilburger Teflon coating, as well as American heritage coating, are provided with other mid-range models for a faster and better finish due to the superior material and heat conductivity.

The top of the line models come with a golden coated heat plate that has excellent heat conductivity and is unreactive to moisture, making it an excellent buy for anyone looking for a high-quality steam iron.

All the models come with a 360 swivel power cord making the mobility of the irons smooth even at difficult angles. The models are purposefully made from plastic bodies ensuring that they remain shockproof.

These models also all come with variable temperature control with six fabric settings ensuring a smooth ironing experience without damaging the fabric. Crompton steam irons also come with anti-drip technology which provides a steady supply of steam without worrying about water leakage spoiling your clothes.

Crompton Irons Specifications 

When deciding to buy an iron, the leading specification to keep in mind is the wattage. Wattage determines how fast and to what degree an iron will heat by using electrical energy. Now people with occasional use for irons should go for low wattage options between 501-1000 watts.

Steam irons will need higher power usage to produce the steam thus will only be available in higher wattage models. The price range for this category usually falls between INR 649-1200.

For customers who have daily usage and are looking for a reliable, fast, and durable dry/ steam iron, this category would be perfect. With a variety of additional features and superior build quality than the low wattage options, they fall under a price range of INR 1100-1650.

With a wattage of 1501 and above, these machines are made for heavy-duty usage and they come with a variety of features including self-cleaning.