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  • Crompton Solarium Aura Rust Proof Water Heater | Crompton Greaves
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    Solarium Aura Water Heater (6 / 10 / 15 / 25 ) L with connection pipes (White)

    Best Storage Water Heaters & Electric Geysers Online



    Rustproof ABS body

    Powerful heating element

    Superior glass coating

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Buy Storage Water Heaters & Electric Geysers Online at Best Prices

This innovative and state-of-the-art range of Crompton Storage Water Heaters provides you with a wide range of options! These heaters make sure you get soothing, hot water all year round. They are aesthetically designed to blend perfectly with any type of bathroom decor! 

Best Storage Water Heaters With Advanced Technology At Low Price Online

Crompton storage water heaters use gyroscopic technology that ensures there is no direct contact between the cold and hot water flow for efficient heating. This ensures you get hot water in a matter of minutes without having to wait long, especially during winter. 

The storage water heater price ranges between INR 8000-10000/-, making these heaters a great investment for the future! 

Features and Benefits Of Buying A Storage Water Heater From Crompton

The Crompton water heater offers some fantastic features and benefits like lower energy consumption, faster heating, higher storage capacity, which ensure great performance. 

Along with that, these heaters also provide other benefits like protection from corrosion, 3-level safety protection, shock resistance, safety valve, no scale formation, 8-bar pressure, twin-indicator, hard water protection, universal fitment and zero leakage to ensure maximum safety. 

The triple shield technology provides three-level protection from hard water. Hard water minerals can settle at the bottom of the water heater tank. It forms a layer between the water and the heater burners and this can lower the efficiency of the water heater. The triple shield technology helps to increase the efficiency and performance of the water heater and also reduces the operating cost. 

With the energy-saving Insitu PUF, standby cut-off and high BEE rating, these heaters consume less energy leading to lower electricity bills and more saving. 

The powerful 1200-gm heating element results in faster heating. The water temperature reaches 45 degrees in 10 minutes! The water stays hot for longer with a storage capacity of up to 25 litres and the Triple-shield protection protects the heater from damage due to hard water.  

These water heaters have a long life thanks to protection from corrosion with the superior glass line coating and polymer coating. There are no problems with rusting. The powder-coated metallic body ensures the heater remains durable for long.

The heater comes with 3-level safety protection with a thermal cut-out, thermostat and multi-function safety valve (MFV) so that the risk factor is minimized. The MFV has three functions that include a pressure-release valve, a non-return valve and a drain device. 

Water pressure is regulated by the safety valve feature that discharges water. The high-grade, rustproof and sturdy ABS body also makes these water heaters shock-resistant. The heater is available with a plastic, metal or Bakelite body. 

The Incoloy heating element and magnesium anode prevents the formation of scale that hinders optimal heat transfer. The 8-bar pressure in these water heaters ensures that the water pressure is correct even if you are living in a high rise building while the twin-indicator LED lamp indicates when the water is hot and ready for use.

There is zero leakage in these water heaters with the single-weld line. These heaters also come with universal fitment including 8 in 1 fitment options. 

Crompton water heaters, namely the storage heater and instant heater are highly cost-effective and provide you with maximum benefits at an affordable price.