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  • Crompton Bliss Rust and Shock Proof Water Heater | Crompton Greaves
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    Bliss Instant Water Heater (Geyser) with 1L and 3L tank capacity

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    ABS body

    1L and 3L tank capacity

    Weldless tank

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Buy Crompton Water Heaters Online in India

Crompton offers you a fascinating range of water heaters to choose from. These innovative water heaters provide you with the perfect solution for all your heating needs throughout the year. Not only do these smartly-designed heaters add to the aesthetics of your home but they also provide great convenience and comfort to the water heating process! 

Why Crompton Geyser Are An Important Appliance to Have During Winter Season?

Hot water is required throughout the year for various purposes but more so in winter. To get hot water in the colder months, you need water heaters that work quickly and keep the water warm for a longer time so that you can use it at any time of the day

Heaters from Crompton provide you with unmatched water-heating solutions for the winter season. Cleaning, bathing and other water-related chores in winter will be convenient and hassle-free with the Crompton water heater.

How To Select Best Water Heaters For Your Home?

To select the best water heater in India, there are certain factors you need to keep in mind like water heater type, tank capacity, energy-saving capability, pressure regulation, quality of heating element, anti-rust body and tank coating. 

There are various water heaters like the storage water heater, instant water heater and immersion rods

The tank capacity determines the amount of water that can be stored. This depends on the number of family members. Crompton water heaters come with tank capacities ranging from 1 to 25 litres. Water heaters with a higher BEE rating provide higher energy savings. Crompton heaters offer high potential for energy savings. 

Water heaters with a high-pressure bar are ideal if you live in a high rise building for better regulation of water pressure. The quality of the heating element will determine the speed of heating. The inner tank coating and anti-rust outer body ensure durability. 

Crompton Water Heater Price Range

The instant water heater price or any other heaters’ price depends on the features and benefits they provide. If you go for a storage water heater, the price range would be INR 7000-11000/-. The instant geyser price ranges between INR 4000-6000/- whereas Immersion rods prices range around INR 500-600/-.   

Features and Benefits Of Buying Water Heaters From Crompton

The Crompton water heater comes with many performance-enhancing features that keep your water heater safe and durable in the long run. 

Some of those benefits would be protection from corrosion and rusting, temperature control, installation flexibility, speed of heating, tank capacity, energy savings, hard-water protection and much more to provide you with the ultimate heating experience. 

You can choose any of the portable and non-portable water heaters from Crompton. The non-portable options are the storage water heater and the instant water heater while the immersion rods come under the portable option.

The rust-proof ABS body gives your water heater corrosion protection thus ensuring sustainability. There are no problems with rusting in these water heaters due to the superior polymer or glass line coating, non-ferrous plate and a weldless tank. Temperatures are controlled and will not cross a specific limit with the precision pre-calibrated thermostat.

The triple shield technology protects the tank from hard water residues. When the hard water residues settle at the bottom of the tank, it can affect the performance of the water heater. The three-level protection ensures that the water is heated effectively and does not let hard water minerals settle in the tank.

You get safety features that make these heaters sturdy and shock-resistant. Overheat safety features protect the heating element. The immersion rods come with a shock-proof plastic handle. You also get flexibility in installation with the 8 in 1 fitment option. 

The anti-siphon feature takes care of any backflow of water. The water heats up quickly with the 1200-gm powerful heating element made of 3000-watt copper. Contact between the hot and cold water is prevented by the unique Gyroscopic Technology which also ensures faster heating. 

Scale formation is prevented with the Incoloy heating element. You have sufficient hot water all day with the high tank capacity and you also save energy with the standby cutoff and Insitu PUF. These water heaters are protected from hard water by the Triple Shield Protection. The Crompton water heater cost is quite reasonable considering all of these benefits.