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    Rich electroplated finish with electro-phoretic lacquer for anti-rusting

    5 LED light changing color options (Blue, yellow, white, warm white, red)

    Remote control for changing fan speed and color and switching the light on and of

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Buy Underlight Fans Online In India

The Underlight Fans from Crompton takes care of both your cooling and lighting needs all year round! This stylish and innovative fan blends perfectly with the decor of your home. 

Features & Benefits Of Underlight Fans 

Ceiling fans with lights offer you some fantastic features like decorative lampshades, magnificent carvings, convenience pull cord, anti-rusting properties, multiple LED colour options, and superior air delivery. 

Your home is decorated according to your taste, shouldn’t your ceiling fans also add to the beauty of your home? Keeping this in mind, Crompton offers you fans with magnificent carvings. The intricate designs fused with a metallic tinge blend the contemporary design perfectly with an old-world charm. Some of these fans have an electroplated finish for a premium aesthetic look. The decorative lampshades under the fans add to the beauty of your rooms. 

These underlight fans come with separate cords for the fan and the light for your convenience. Just pull the respective cord according to your requirements. 

To ensure that your fan lasts longer, Crompton ceiling fans come with an electro-phoretic lacquered surface that has anti-rusting properties to prevent any damage. 

To make sure you don’t get bored with the same lighting colour, you can change the colour with a remote depending on your mood! Whatever the occasion, these fans create the perfect setting with five colour options.

Not only do you get an aesthetically designed product, but these fans also provide superior air delivery with four blades and a 100% copper motor. 

With all the benefits that you get, the Crompton ceiling fan price range of 6300-8100/- INR is surprisingly affordable. 

Why Crompton Underlight Fans Are Best In The Market 

There are multiple reasons why Crompton Underlight Fans are the most popular choice for consumers. These fans provide a higher sweep, power input, speed, and energy savings. 

When it comes to ensuring uniform cooling to all corners of your room, the sweep size of your fan is essential. With wider fan blades, Crompton fans have a higher sweep size ensuring efficiency and uniformity in air distribution across your room. This makes summers more comfortable for you and your family.

The power input of these fans ranges from 70 to 85 watts which leads to lower power consumption. The LED lights also consume less energy compared to conventional lights. All these lead to lower electricity bills, and that means huge savings for you. With more blades and higher speed, cooling takes place at a faster pace!