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Fans often attract dust and they look extremely dirty if you do not care for them properly. Crompton brings you a wide range of the best anti-dust fan for you to choose from. These innovative fans are designed to provide you with superior comfort and cleanliness all year round.

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    Avancer Prime Anti dust fan with different colors

    Anti-Dust Fans - Enjoy Dust-Free Comfort | Antidust

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    Anti-Dust Fan with Multiple Colour Options

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Buy Best Anti-Dust Ceiling Fans In India

The Anti-dust fans reduce the dust collection by more than 50% when compared to the ordinary ceiling fans. The secret and science behind the technology in anti-dust fans is that the fan blades are coated with Nano Technology paint which is hydrophobic and oleophobic in nature. The advanced cross-linking density and lower surface energy of the paint fill used on the blade help reduce dust accumulation of the fan in the long run. Hence the dust does not stick to the blade as a thick dirt base as it is on the ordinary fan.

Anti-dust technology is an interesting innovation among ceiling fans. These ceiling fans are designed to attract less dirt than regular fans. As a result of this, less dust sticks to the blades of an anti-dust fan.

Anti-dust fans are manufactured by leading ceiling and wall fan manufacturers in India such as Crompton. One of our best-selling is the SilentPro Enso Anti-dust fan

Why Are Crompton Anti-Dust Fans The Best In The Market?

The reason the Crompton anti-dust ceiling fan is the best in the market is that they use the latest Duratech technology and come with a 5-year warranty. This technology includes a double layer of copper and a unique box capacitor that makes these ceiling fans more durable than other fans. 

These fans have a high-endurance box capacitor and prevent contamination. This ensures superior performance for longer life compared to ordinary oil-filled tube capacitors. This makes them suitable for places with high humidity and heavy rainfall. 

These fans can also provide better insulation and abrasion resistance during high temperatures and sudden overloads due to the dual-coat copper found in the motor windings. 


These fans also have fantastic features like high speed, higher air delivery, durable body, energy savings, more increased safety, wide voltage band, smart functions, and silent performance. Some of the top features of Crompton Anti-dust ceiling fan are-

1. The anti-dust technology attracts 50% less dust compared to regular fans and is also easier to clean.

2. They operate at high speeds of 370 to 380 RPM or revolutions per minute for better cooling. These high speeds are possible due to the 100% copper heavy-duty motor. 

3. The wider fan blades ensure higher air delivery to every corner of your room. You get an anti-corrosive aluminum body and blade that protects the fan against rusting.

4. You can enjoy energy savings up to 50% with a high power factor of 0.98. This keeps losses negligible, and you get higher speed and performance with ActivBLDC technology. Higher efficiency is also ensured with the high-standard CRNGO steel used in these fans that are highly compatible with electric motors. 

5. Crompton keeps your safety in mind with the safety wire in the fans. You won’t suffer from voltage fluctuations since they operate in the broadest operating voltage range of 90 to 300 volts. 


1. Appealing Design: A tint of Metallic shine in anti-dust fans fuses with a contemporary design of any room. These anti-dust ceiling fans enhance the ambiance of your designer space, thereby creating a unique style statement.

2. High Speed: The Dynamically balanced powerful and high-performance fan blades provide high air delivery of 230 CMM and a high speed of 380 RPM

3. High Durability: The aluminum body prevents the fan from corrosion and lends its strength, thereby increasing the life of the fan.

4. Affordable Price Range: The Crompton anti-dust fans price is highly affordable considering the benefits provided by them and ranges between 2700 to 8000/- INR


Does anti-dust fan really work?

Yes, the anti-dust fan really works as they are designed to attract less dirt than regular fans. The anti-dust fan blades are coated with nano-technology paint which is both hydrophobic and oleophobic which makes them effective against dust.

What is a dust-free fan?

The dust-free fan is the same as an anti-dust fan. Both of these fans work on the same principle which is the design and material of blades. The anti-dust technology used in these fans attracts 50% less dust when compared to regular fans.

Is Anti-dust fan good?

Yes, anti-dust fans are good as they can reduce the circulation of dust in the air because they barely retain any dirt on their fan blades. Therefore, reducing the chances of you and your family having a negative reaction to the dirt.

Anti-dust fans price in India

Products MRP
SilentPro Enso Antidust ₹11,240.00
Aura Designer 3D ₹5,760.00
Aura Designer 2D ₹5,760.00
Aura 2 Prime Antidust ₹5,080.00
Avancer Prime Antidust ₹4,740.00
Dignita Antidust ₹4,470.00
Aura Prime Antidust ₹4,240.00
Jura Antidust ₹3,190.00
Imperial Grand ₹2,730.00


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