High Quality Centrifugal Deep well jet pumps

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  • Centrifugal Deep well jet pumps in India.
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    High Grade Centrifugal Deep well jet Pumps in India

    High Quality Centrifugal Deep well jet pumps



    No moving parts inside the borewell

    High Grade Electrical Stamping CRNGO-M47 for higher efficiency

    Suitable for wide voltage operation

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Buy Centrifugal Deep well Jet pumps at best price

A centrifugal Deep Well Jet pump is suitable for pumping application that requires high suction in a vertical depth range up to 25 feet from the well. It has two essential parts i.e. an impeller and a diffuser. If this pump has more than one impeller and diffuser along with a jet ejector, it is known as a centrifugal jet pump. These pumps are mounted above the ground through a suction pipe.

How Does A Centrifugal Deep Well Jet Pump Work?

A deep well jet pump requires more suction capacity and the jet ejector helps to do it. Jet ejector consists of a nozzle and a venturi. Velocity increases as the water passes through the jet but at the same time, the pressure decreases. Water speed is high and there is a low pressure around the nozzle tips that cause a suctioning effect to develop around the nozzle. The water around the nozzle is drawn towards the water stream and is carried along with it.

A small amount of suctioned water is recirculated with the help of the ejector while the rest goes into the pressure tank. As the ejector is located on the suction side, it helps to increase the suction considerably. This mechanism helps the Deep well jet pump to increase its efficiency and performance.

Features and Specification of Centrifugal Deep Well Jet Pump

You must look for features that fit your requirements and budget. Crompton’s Deep well pump provides you with superior performance!

Crompton’s centrifugal jet pump is easy to install and requires minimal maintenance. It comes with a high-grade electrical stamping CRNGO-M47 for higher efficiency. Crompton pumps are suitable for wide voltage operation. Also, it has no moving parts in the borewell and consists of a specially designed cast iron valve. Crompton’s centrifugal jet pump is specially designed for functioning in a deep well with a high suction capacity.

Crompton centrifugal deep well jet pump is available at an affordable price of INR 12,275/- to help solve all your pumping problems!