Conventional Incandescent & CFL Light Bulb

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  • Tubelight FTL14W – T5/065 Fluorescent LED Tubular Lamps
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    Tubelight FTL14W – T5/065 Fluorescent LED Tubular Lamps

    Conventional Incandescent & CFL Light Bulb | Tubular Lamps: Fluorescent LED Tube Light



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    Made from the best fluorescent powder

    Gives best lumen output

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Buy Crompton Incandescent & CFL Light Bulb

Incandescent light bulbs are one of the prime components of the light setting in a house. It is often used for numerous applications around the house. However, its usage is not limited only to households, a large number of commercial entities also depend on these lamps to meet their lighting requirements!

Crompton’s compact fluorescent lamps provide brightness and radiance to all parts of your home. You can choose to buy Crompton lamps online after considering your many lighting needs!

Crompton Lamps For Your Everyday Use

Crompton’s wide range of LED lamps is a perfect option for everyday use. These lamps have a sturdy design that makes them durable. As a lighting solution for daily use, Crompton incandescent and LED light consumes minimum power and is very affordable to suit every budget type. Crompton incandescent lamps, as well as the LED lamp bulb, are a cost-effective option which offers both high performance and durability to its user.

Features and Benefits of Crompton Lamps

Crompton lamps are designed to provide convenience to its users. They are ready to be installed in seconds, thanks to the Insta Fit feature of the lights. Crompton Halogen Lamps offer long-lasting lighting that can light up and effectively increase the brightness of huge spaces.

Similarly, Crompton CFL bulbs have higher durability than traditional incandescent bulbs. These energy-efficient CFL bulbs provide a much cooler lighting solution; hence, is the best fit for homes. These lights provide superior quality lumen output and are rated five stars on the BEE scale.

Variety & Styles of Crompton Lamps

Crompton CFL lamps are available in the range of INR 160-330/-. The CFL lamps are capable of lighting up your entire room even with minimal power consumption. These lamps are available with four pins and produce around 7500 colour temperature.

Crompton Fluorescent tube lights are designed with the best quality fluorescent materials and powers to provide the best lumen output. They are best for spending hours reading and writing under since these lamps won’t strain your eyes.

Crompton also has its range of traditional GLS lamps. The high-quality glass and filament used in these lamps give it high durability. They are available in multiple Watts options and come in the range of INR 150-250/-.

Crompton’s high-powered Halogen Lamps are the way to go for lighting solutions in larger areas. These lamps are super-durable and are available in a wattage range of 500W to 1000W. These affordable lighting solutions can be purchased between INR 85-105/-.