Wide Range of Residential Pumps available at latest price in India

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  • V4- Water filled Best Borewell Motor Price in India
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    V4- Water filled Best Borewell Motor Price in India

    Wide Range of Residential Pumps available at latest price in India | Borewell Submersible Pumps with High Quality products



    Can withstand back pressure without damage

    Strong and robust mechanical design

    High efficiency with energy saving

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  • V4- Oil Filled Borewell Submersible motor
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    V4- Oil Filled Borewell Submersible motor

    Wide Range of Residential Pumps available at latest price in India | Borewell Submersible Pumps with High Quality products



    Can withstand back pressure without damage

    Easy for maintenance

    Longer life due to high quality mechanical seal

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Explore wide range of Residential pumps at best price

Find a permanent solution for your water requirements with a wide range of residential pumps from Crompton. Enjoy a regular supply of water throughout the year with these pumps!

Different Types Of Residential Pumps Available In The Market

The different types of pumps are differentiated on the basis of the purpose they are used for. They include submersible pumps, centrifugal deep well jet, centrifugal shallow well jet, compressor pumps, control panel, heavy-duty regenerative self-priming and inline circulating pump.

When you need to pump excess water out of worksites or flooded basements, a Dewatering pump is the best choice since they have dynamically rotating parts. Another great option is the Borewell submersible pump which is entirely submerged in water with an air-tight sealing that can be used to provide continuous water supply in residents. The open well submersible pump is used for irrigation in small farmland gardening.

There are two other types of pumps, deep well jet and shallow well jet. The deep well jet is used when high volumes of water need to be delivered to overhead tanks in homes. Whereas, the shallow well jet is ideal for providing water pressure systems in small farming. They are also used to provide reservoir water to your home.

Compressor Pumps inject compressed air into the well and push the water out through a delivery pipe into homes. Whereas, control panels are used for controlling pump motors that are required to operate mechanical pumps.

The Regenerative Self Priming Pump prevents the problem of water and air combining by creating a fluid with pumping properties. The self-priming regenerative pump removes the air and pumps water like centrifugal pumps. They have multi-blade impellers for both clean and dirty water.

An inline circulation pump pumps or circulates fluids in a loop. These pumps are typically used for providing water supply to showers and faucets in washrooms.

Residential Pumps Specification

Knowing the specifications of residential pumps is essential so that you choose the right one for your home requirements. You need to take into account the pump type, power supply in KW or HP, supply phase, pipe size, no of stages, head range and discharge range.

The pump type will depend on the purpose you intend to use it for like for small farm irrigation, overhead tank or simply for your home. Crompton has high-quality pumps for all categories.

The speed of discharge of water from the pump will depend on the power of the pump measured in KW or kilowatts and HP or Horsepower. The higher the KW or HP, the more powerful the pump. The  HP may vary from 0.5 to 2 depending on the pump.

Impellers are used for increasing the flow and pressure of a fluid. The supply phase is determined by the impeller. There are some single-phase pumps and multi-phase pumps. Centrifugal pumps are mostly multi-phase pumps with multiple impellers.

Why Are Crompton Residential Pumps Effective?

The reason Crompton residential pumps are incredibly useful is because of its amazing features.

The borewell pumps have features like specially designed thrust bearing, high-grade electrical stamping, motor prefilled with coolant, easy maintenance, longer life, energy savings and higher performance.

The specially designed thrust bearing makes these submersible pumps highly reliable. You get higher efficiency and lower electrical losses with high-grade electrical stamping. The temperature of the pump is regulated with the motor being prefilled with coolant. The simple construction makes repair easy and lowers maintenance cost.

The durability of the pump is extended with the high-quality mechanical seal and rust-free stainless steel construction. Lower friction losses ensure high performance.

Crompton pumps give you higher water pulling capacity, operates at wide voltage levels and is easy to install and operate. The self priming pump has a brass impeller for longer life.The inline circulation pump has automatic on/off operation and operates silently with noise less than 55 decibels.