Residential Submersible Pump - Powerful Residential Water Pump

Cromptons residential submersible pumps are a must-have for every resident. The borewell submersible pump helps in the extraction of groundwater in houses, farmlands, and industries. These 1 hp submersible pumps can be completely submerged in the water and can be sealed properly in an air-tight packaging inside the water. The borewell pump is ideal for shallow wells, approximately up to 20 feet deep and these pumps are also safe to use in freezing conditions. Crompton’s pump is the best submersible pump for borewell in India because it is energy efficient and durable and the borewell motor pump is equipped with a power consumption meter which helps in measuring the amount of power utilized by the pump. The borewell pump consists of a 4 wire cable, which is certainly designed to make an easier installation. These residential submersible pumps can be utilized for a variety of purposes including sewage, water supply, fire fighting, and water treatment. 

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  • V-4 50 feet per stage pumps in India | Crompton
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    Rust free V4- Stainless Steel Pumps

    Residential Submersible Pump - Powerful Residential Water Pump

    MRP 16,975.00

    Rust free operation due to Stainless Steel construction

    Low power consumption

    Higher performance

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  • V3-Oil Filled Motor In India a lower price.
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    V3-Oil Filled Motor

    Residential Submersible Pump - Powerful Residential Water Pump

    MRP 15,975.00

    Can withstand back pressure without damage

    Easy for maintenance

    Longer life due to high quality mechanical seal

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    V3- Water Filled Borewell Submersible Motor

    Residential Submersible Pump - Powerful Residential Water Pump

    MRP 13,800.00

    Can withstand back pressure without damage

    Strong and robust mechanical design

    High efficiency with energy saving

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    OW – Dry Type Openwell Submersible Motor

    Residential Submersible Pump - Powerful Residential Water Pump

    MRP 0.00

    Specially designed thrust bearing ensures highest reliability

    High Grade Electrical Stamping CRNGO-M47 for higher efficiency

    Motor prefilled with coolant for better cooling

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What is a Borewell Submersible Pump?

A Borewell submersible pump is used when the applications face a frequent change in the level of water. It can be dropped or installed at the bottom of the surface of a liquid, which gives it an advantage over a traditional centrifugal pump. Cromptons residential submersible pumps come with excellent service life and also have coatings on their internal elements in order to prevent rusting. The 1 hp submersible pump & Borewell pump moves the liquid from one place to another and one end of the pump is connected to a hose while the other is submerged in the liquid. 

The borewell motor is used to move the water from a particular lake or river to a different location. The open well pump moves the water to a well where it can be used for several purposes. These pumps are usually cast iron thereby providing excellent durability. The borewell submersible pump consists of an AC electric motor, diffuser, submersible electric cable, and cable guard. The pump operates with the help of electricity and lifts the water to the ground level by converting the impeller’s rational energy into the kinetic energy of water.

How do Residential Submersible Pumps Work?

The residential submersible pump is designed for open well applications and is a small, powerful, and durable pump that can be used in many situations. The pump is completely submerged in water and can be either a single-stage pump with a volute casing or an impeller or a multistage pump similar to an open well submersible pump. The pump is driven by a primary mover, generally an electric motor.

The open well pump with a volute casing functions similar to the monoblock centrifugal pump. However, the pump is not limited by the suction lift as it is submerged in the water. The multistage open submersible pump functions similar to the borewell submersible pump, where the water passes through a series of stages while the diffuser does the function of the volute as the water passes through the other stages. To provide a steady flow of water to the pump water out of a pool or pond, this type of pump is often used in residential and commercial properties. The pumps are often used in several applications and are available in a variety of capabilities and sizes. The borewell pumps are designed to work in both the conditions wet and dry and are often fixed on the bottom of the pond or pool to pump the water out. 

Types of Residential Submersible Pumps

Borewell submersible pumps & Openwell Submersible pumps are the two different types of residential submersible pumps. The borewell submersible pumps are used to move the fluid from one place to another and they are completely submerged in the fluid which is required to pump. This type of pump features a motor that is hermetically sealed and is closely coupled to the body of the pump. The borewell pump is enclosed in a water-tight enclosure to prevent the entry of the liquid, thereby preventing it from damage. To prevent overheating the borewell submersible pump is cooled by the fluid present around it. 

Due to many significant features, the open well submersible pumps are another category of pump which replaces the centrifugal pump at many locations. The pump has a longer life and has a good cooling feature. Due to the flexibility, the pump can be easily moved from one place to another. The valve is not required and the diction head of the pump is removed. There is no need for an additional foundation and pump house. The pump operates under the water, hence there are no suction issues and no foot valve. 

Features of Borewell & Openwell Submersible Pumps

Before buying a borewell submersible and open-well submersible pumps, you must learn about the specifications like discharge rate, performance, performance chart, etc., and then you can choose the one which is best suitable for you. Let’s look at the features of borewell and open submersible pumps:

1. Cromptons borewell motor has unique features like low-pressure consumption, stainless steel, high consumption, rust-free operation, and low friction losses that make it perform the best. 

2. The pumps are available in a stainless steel body ensuring their durability and long-lasting use.

3. The 1 hp submersible pumps can be used for drip and farm irrigation and also in drinking water supply as well as sprinkler irrigation. 

4. Crompton offers various models of open well submersible pumps that have different combinations of motor power, delivery and suction, and head range.

5. The Borewell motor power ranges from 0.5 Hp to 2 Hp. The power of the motor pump determines the rate of water pumped by the machine.

6. The head range of the pump ranges between 6 to 30 metres and the head range of the pump determines the height of the water flow.

7. The delivery and suction of the pump determine the pump’s size which can be used along with the pump. If the suction and delivery are greater, then a larger pipe is used.

8. The borewell 0.5 hp submersible pump offers various features at an affordable price range of INR 9000 to INR 11,500/-

Residential Submersible Pumps FAQs

Q1. Which is the best Submersible pump for 1Hp?

Crompton Borewell submersible pump is the best submersible pump for 1 Hp.

Q2. Which Water Pump is best for home use?

Crompton’s Residential Submersible Pumps is the best water pump for home use. 

Q3. What are the benefits of Borewell Motor?

A borewell motor is associated with many benefits such as it is convenient and portable, highly efficient, resistant to corrosion, self-priming, versatile, and easy to install.

Q4. What is the difference between Borewell Submersible & Open well submersible pumps?

The borewell submersible pumps consist of an AC electric motor, impeller, cable guard, diffuser, and electric cable while the open well submersible pumps are installed on the floor of an underground reservoir or tank. For operations, it is connected to an electrical supply