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  • Crompton Ameo Comes with 4 Stainless Steel Jar Flowbreakers | Crompton Greaves
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    Ameo 4 jars mixer grinder – 100% copper motor

    High Quality Food Preparation Appliances | Mixer Grinder



    750 watts motor capacity

    MaxiGrind Technology for finer grinding results

    Chrome Plated knobs for elegant look

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Buy Crompton Food Preparation Appliances Online in India

Welcome to the wide range of food preparation appliances from Crompton. With these smartly designed appliances, make cooking an enjoyable experience!

Wide Range Of Products

Crompton is always coming up with innovative appliances to improve your quality of life. Keeping this in mind, Crompton offers highly efficient products like mixer grinders, juicers, electric kettles and food processors which help make the cooking process quicker.

Crompton mixer is the perfect choice for your daily kitchen needs. You can also use this for crushing, cutting, or mashing vegetables, nuts and meat.

Why buy artificial juices when the Crompton juicer can help you make healthy juices at home? Whether you want fruit juices or vegetable juices, these juicers help you process them without any problems.

Getting hot water for that perfect cup of tea, coffee, instant noodles, hot chocolate or oatmeal or just having warm water  to boost your immunity is easy with the Crompton electric kettle. These smartly designed kettles make all this possible with a click of a button!

While the Crompton Food processor helps you chop, grate, shred, slice and blend ingredients, the juicer mixer grinder from Crompton combines the benefits of both juicers and mixer grinders to give you maximum efficiency!

Choose The Best Food Processing Appliances Online

For the best food preparation, you need to choose the best food preparation appliances. The pointers you need to keep in mind are the food preparation type, technology, blade design, motor speed, safety, ease of maintenance, jars, the wattage, heat resistance and the motor capacity.

The food preparation type will decide whether you need mixer grinders, juicers, electric kettles or food processors. Crompton provides you with variety of options in all these categories.

Food preparation appliances should use the latest technology for superior performance. To give you the best results in mixing and fine grinding, Crompton Ameo Mixer Grinder provides you with MaxiGrind Technology. A mixer grinder is convenient to use, it provides precision, efficiency and saves time. For electric kettles, you have one-touch open lid technology. This gives you hassle-free experience.

The blade quality determines the efficiency of the food preparation appliances. Crompton appliances come with specially designed blades for mixing and grinding. You can even control the speed of the motor according to your preference with the 3-speed buttons. There is an overload protector for motor safety.

The electric kettle comes with double-wall protection making it safe to touch from outside even with boiling water inside. There are on/off LED indicators to keep you alert. The kettles also have an auto shut off function for safety.

Ease of maintenance is essential when buying any appliance. The 100% copper motor makes maintenance of the appliances effortless and also ensures longevity. The kettles have a wide opening for easy cleaning.

The food preparation appliances such as mixer grinders come with several jars. Not only do you get an option of 2 to 4 jars from Crompton, but these innovative jars are leakage free as well. These appliances come with different sizes of jars, depending on the number of ingredients.

They are made of stainless steel and have flow breakers. Stainless steel means the jars will last longer and the flow breaker ensures better grinding performance. Ergonomic jar handles make it easy to use the jars.

All these food preparation appliances come with different wattages. These appliances are all high-watt appliances because they need to work at high speeds. Since these appliances work at high wattage, they tend to generate a lot of heat. Crompton takes care of this issue with the ABS body that provides heat resistance.

Depending on the volume of food processing you require, the motor capacity will also vary. For a lower amount of food, go for the appliances with a motor capacity between 251 to 500 watts. If a variety of ingredients need to be processed regularly, choose the appliances with a motor capacity of 501 and above. The powerful motor processes the ingredients in no time!