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    Diva mixer grinder with 3 Stainless Steel Jars

    Mixer Grinder



    3 Stainless Steel Jars

    500 watts motor capacity

    100% copper motor

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Buy Best Mixer Grinder(मिक्सर ग्राइंडर) Online in India

Grinding doesn’t have to be the same tiring task as it was before. Elevate your grinding experience to a whole new level with Crompton’s exciting range of mixer grinders available online. With a wide variety of juicer mixer grinders and more, you can now indulge in your favourite dishes at any time of the day!

Effortlessly prepare mouth-watering Indian dishes like dosa, idli, vada, etc. with Crompton’s new range of mixer grinders. You can now grind spices, make sauces, purees and chutneys, etc. in a jiffy without compromising on the taste.

Stylish and Affordable Mixer Grinders Online

Craving for a lip-smacking treat like smoothies or delicious dips can strike at any time! Crompton has got you covered with its exclusive range of mixer grinders. We offer a wide variety of mixer grinders that you can choose from to suit all your grinding needs.

Before you make the purchase, you must consider your budget and needs. Crompton allows you to buy mixers online which come with jars of different sizes and quantities, reliable blades that can handle multiple operations, including wet and dry grinding, making juices, etc to give you a fine grind.

Our long term presence in the home appliances market ensures that you get a hassle-free experience every time whether you are looking for a high-performance mixer or simply a mixer for light grinding!

Crompton Mixer Grinder Features

MaxiGrind technology

Crompton’s premium range of mixer grinders, like Ameo, come equipped with the revolutionary MaxiGrind technology. This unique technology saves precious time by providing you with a 10% finer grind. It also helps protect the mixer from overheating by allowing proper ventilation even when it comes to heavy-duty grinding or making a fine paste. These mixer grinders perform the most complex tasks in a matter of seconds!

Ergonomic Design

Crompton’s mixer grinders are accompanied with leak-proof, stainless steel jars of different sizes depending on the model you choose. These jars have effective flow breakers and sharp blades specially designed to make your tasks a lot easier. The ergonomically designed Crompton mixer with chrome-plated knobs occupies minimum space while complementing the aesthetic beauty of your kitchen.

Motor Capacity 

High performing motors found in Crompton’s mixer grinders can run for a longer duration since it is a 100% copper motor. Being super-efficient, the motors require minimum power to function and are available in multiple power options starting from 251 Watts and going up to 750 Watts. Despite its high-powered motor, Crompton’s mixer grinders get the job done with minimum noise. It also comes with motor safety features like the resettable overload protector which cuts off power, preventing the mixer from overheating.


Crompton’s mixer grinders available online come with a warranty of 2-5 years on the motor and two years on the product.

Best Grinding Performance at a Reasonable Price

Crompton mixers are some of the most cost-effective grinders available in the market. Packed with advanced features and superior performance, these mixers offer affordable and convenient options for every budget.

Crompton mixer 500 Watts motor capacity can be bought in the range of INR 2800-3085/-. These mixers come with 3 Stainless Steel jars and 100% Copper motor.

The high-powered 750 Watts motor mixers are available at around INR 4000-5500/-. It comes with advance technology and three stainless steel jars with an eye-catching design.

The medium-powered Crompton mixers can be bought at around INR 4000-5000/-. These mixers come with 600 Watts motor and specially designed blades.

Crompton’s mixer grinder price list ensures that you get the best grinding performance at the best price!