LED Tube Lights & Battens for home

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  • Laser Ray Neo
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    Laser Ray Neo

    LED Tube Lights & Battens for home



    Contemporary design

    Light Weight

    Upto 50% energy saving

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  • Light Linea 10W Straight Linear LED Tube Light
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    Light Linea 10W Straight Linear LED Tube Light

    LED Tube Lights & Battens for home



    Ultra wide distribution

    High grade diffuser for better optical control

    Available in 5W,10W and 20W (CDL & WW)

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Buy LED Tube Light Online in India

To provide you with superior lighting solutions, Crompton presents the LED batten light. Make your rooms brighter with these value for money lamps which make a great addition to your home. They last long and also give you significant savings on your electricity bill.

LED Batten Features

The Crompton LED batten comes with some exciting features! They are not only lightweight but also include wide light distribution, different power modes, different wattage options, no extra wiring, shockproofing and long-lasting durability.

While some smart LED battens give you uniform light distribution, there are others that provide ultra-wide distribution with the high-grade diffuser that you find in these Battens.

With the one-step dimming option from Crompton LED batten, you can now customize your lights to be brighter or softer as per your needs with the click of a button. You can even change the colours if you like without the don’t need for any extra wiring.

These Battens are a great option to invest in if you experience frequent power cuts or if a fuse is blown as it has backup illumination that lasts for 30 minutes. No more worrying about where you’ve kept your candles or feeling lost in the dark!

Crompton lamps come with ‘night lamp mode’ with toggle-switching facilities and a dual-power mode option. With this option, under the normal mode, the lamp gives you brighter light at 20 Watts. However, when you switch to the backup mode, it uses only 4 Watts.

If you want a lamp that is durable, then theLED batten lamps from Crompton are a smart choice! The metal body ensures a strong base for the lamp protecting it from damage.

Why Crompton LED Battens Are An Ideal Choice

The edge that Crompton LED batten light has is constant innovation. You can choose from different lamp categories that have unique features that help you to make buying decisions faster. The Battens in this category also come in different wattage and colour temperatures. If you have a higher wattage in a bulb or higher colour temperature, you get a brighter light.

We strive to offer a high level of quality at an affordable price range. Crompton’s LED Battens provide you with a wide output range of 5-36 watts which is available at a cost effective price of INR  430 – 850.

You can keep these factors in mind when buying LED lights online. The unique and special features offered by Crompton products try to make consumers lives’ more convenient and simpler with their functionality!