Borewell Submersible Pumps

  • V-8 Water filled motor Submersible Pumps
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    V-8 Water filled motor Submersible Pumps

    Borewell Submersible Pumps



    Specially designed thrust bearing ensures highest reliability

    High Grade Electrical Stamping CRNGO-M47 for higher efficiency

    Wide voltage operation from 250 -440V

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Buy Borewell Submersible Water Pump 

Borewells allow us to access the groundwater, which supports the majority of agricultural use. Borewell submersible pumps are the new leaders in the field of water pumps.

Crompton provides customers with a wide range of Borewell submersible pumps for their agricultural uses. Crompton borewell water pumps are thoughtfully designed and built with the best materials and techniques. They are easy to install, making them a great option for a number of agricultural activities.

Explore Wide Variety of Borewell Submersible Pump Online

Crompton has a wide range of submersible pumps in the agricultural pumps category. If you buy pumps online, you must keep in mind factors like the size of the borewell, power and site requirement.

Crompton entry models priced at INR 16,000- 38,000/- are perfect for you if your field is relatively small and requires less water to be delivered. For larger fields where the soil and water are harder than usual, Crompton’s mid and top tier models priced at INR 40,000-60,000/-, will do justice to your needs by proving to be a dependable option which resolves all your agricultural worries.

Features and Benefits of Borewell Submersible Pumps

The primary feature and a significant advantage of borewell submersible pumps is their capability to be submerged in water instead of being held above the ground.

These water pumps are already submerged thus don’t need any priming, to begin with. They are more efficient as the water pressure itself moves the water into the pump instead of using energy to pump water into the pump.

These submersible pumps can handle the fluctuation of voltage comparatively well and are capable of delivering water even at lower voltages.

Borewell Submersible Pumps are usually rust-free as they are submerged deep inside the borewell. Lastly, these Pumps come with different configurations, specifications and specialities which provide the buyer with multiple options.