Wide range of Speciality Pumps

This range of pumps can be used for special applications like handling sewage / Waste water / Rainwater, Pressure cleaning, swimming pool water recycling, RO warter systems etc.

  • STP Series Single Phase
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    STP Series Single Phase

    Wide range of Speciality Pumps | Submersible Sewage Pumps



    Single phase pumps fitted with float switch for automatic operation

    Anti rust CED coating parts for longer life

    Cutter range of pumps handles fibrous solids effectively

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Crompton Speciality Pumps offer you a wide range of options for a variety of water pumping needs.

How Do Speciality Pumps Work?

These pumps for specialized applications are used for drawing water or transferring water with high pressure. A vacuum is created using a venturi that sucks in the water to pass through the pump. The pump’s discharge pressure regulates the flow of water through the venturi.

Sometimes, a speciality pump has a serrated impeller that cuts large solids to avoid clogging. These pumps function even when submerged or if the liquid is being supplied from above.

Explore Wide Range Of Crompton Speciality Pumps Online

You get an exciting range of options from the Crompton speciality pump category like dewatering pumps, multistage pumps, pressure washing, sewage submersible and swimming pool pumps.

A dewatering pump is a high-pressure pump that is used on construction sites, for building dams and powerhouses. These pumps are also used to extract water from pits, sumps etc.

A car washing pump is also an example of a high-pressure pump. This pressure washing pump runs on an electric motor. Water enters through a faucet and is ejected through a hose at high speed. These pumps use high-water pressure for cleaning stubborn stains on cars and trucks, driveways, garage floors and home exteriors.

The sewage submersible pump is used for pumping out muddy or sewage water. It is a washing pump that has non-clog impellers to deal with solids so that the water pumping is not interrupted.

The swimming pool pump is an excellent option for regular cleaning of Swimming Pools. Crompton provides the pump with corrosion free engineering plastic which helps pump run in water for longer time. This pump is provided with inbuilt filters which eliminates the need of changing filters manually.

Features and Specification of Speciality Pumps

The Crompton speciality pump offers some fantastic features and specifications. The features you get are automatic on/off operation, solid waste handling, anti-rust coating, handling of max liquid temperature, high efficiency, robust design, conservation of water, fitted soap bottle in pressure pump and effective dust filtration.

The Crompton Dewatering pump has a float switch for automatic operation. Fibrous solids are handled effectively by the cutter impeller. The anti-rust CED coating ensures greater protection of the cast iron parts leading to longer life of the pump. It comes with corrosion-free protection with a glass-filled polypropylene body and anti-corrosive SS parts.  It can also handle maximum liquid temperature up to 120 degrees.

The pump works effectively within a broad voltage band. The highly efficient design means savings on electricity bills.

The robust design makes the pumps more durable and the in-built filter ensures complete dirt filtration.

In Car Washing pumps, the soap bottle or tank with the pump makes car washing smooth and fast. These pumps need less water for cleaning which leads to a reduction in wastage of water. These pumps are lightweight and portable.

The specifications for these speciality pumps include power, supply phase, pipe size, no of stages and head range.

For more significant water pressure and flow, you would need higher kW or Hp. The pipe size and the head range will determine the vertical distance to which the liquid can be pumped.