Centrifugal Shallow Well Jet Pumps

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    Centrifugal Shallow Well Jet Pumps

    Water Pressure Pumps Residential | Residential Centrifugal Pumps

    MRP 11,175.00

    High water pulling capacity

    Low power consumption which results in energy saving

    Operates at wide voltage levels

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Centrifugal shallow well jet pumps are suitable for reservoirs that require a total pumping lift of fewer than 5.5 m (18 ft). They are mounted above the reservoir and draw the water with the help of suction. It is common to restrict the depth of a shallow well pump to about 25 ft.

How Does A Centrifugal Shallow Well Jet Pump Work?

A shallow well jet pump is powered by an electric motor which drives a centrifugal water pump or an impeller. The impeller moves the water from the reservoir through a narrow jet mounted in the housing in front of the impeller. This constriction increases the speed of water as it leaves the jet. A force is developed that sucks additional water directly.

A venturi tube increases the jet’s diameter, it functions to slow down the water and let the pressure increase. The pumped water then combines itself with the drive water to be released in the plumbing system.

Shallow well pumps use water for the suction of additional water, therefore they need to be primed-filled with water to function. To keep the water from flowing back in the well, a one-way valve is installed in the feed line to the pump.

Features and Specification of Centrifugal Shallow Well Jet Pump

Before you buy one of the best shallow well pumps for your requirements, you must look for features that make the jet pump durable and efficient.

Crompton’s Centrifugal Shallow Well Jet Pump has a higher water pulling capacity and it can operate at high voltage levels like 180-260 volts. It is specially designed with strong materials which makes it durable in the long run. These pumps also have low power consumption which helps to save energy.

The pump has an aluminum extruded body for higher strength. Its high-quality stamping reduces the electrical losses and improves the functioning and performance of the shallow well pump.

Crompton’s shallow well jet pump also offers various unique features that make it easy to install and maintain. This jet pump is made affordable with its cost-effective price of up to INR 6,000 which gives you effective results for strong water suction.