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  • Crompton Bliss Rust and Shock Proof Water Heater | Crompton Greaves
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    Bliss Instant Water Heater (Geyser) with 1L and 3L tank capacity

    Best Instant Water Heater & Electric Geyser



    ABS body

    1L and 3L tank capacity

    Weldless tank

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Buy Instant Water Heater (Geyser) Online in India

The instant water heater from Crompton offers an exciting range of features and benefits. These innovative and state-of-the-art heaters ensure that you have instant access to hot water throughout the year! 

With Crompton Instant Water Heater Fulfil Your Everyday Need For Hot Water With Ease

Getting hot water has become a fairly easy task with the Crompton water heater. You get an immediate supply of hot water at any time of the day with these heaters. With its superior performance, Crompton instant water geysers help fulfil all your heating needs across all seasons! 

Features and Benefits of Crompton Instant Water Heater

The high-power 3000-watt Copper element ensures that water heats instantly while remaining hot throughout the day. The 3-litre stainless steel tank makes sure that there is adequate water storage capacity. 

You don’t need to switch the geyser on and off to get hot water. This lowers your energy consumption and costs along with making sure that you don’t face any problems if there is a sudden power cut or voltage variation.

You can know if your water is hot enough with the twin LED indicators for ‘power on’ and ‘heating.’ When the green light glows, you know that the water is ready for use.

The instant water heaters are designed to protect the heating element from dry heating damage. With Anti-siphon protection, you can prevent any backflow of water from the tank. 

Keeping your safety in mind, these instant water heaters are fitted with an overheat safety feature that comes with a high-precision thermostat and pre-set thermal cut-out which provides dual protection against high temperature. 

Your instant water geyser comes equipped with a non-ferrous plate which prevents rusting. The high-grade stainless-steel weldless tank helps to retain the heat and also keeps the water heater corrosion-free. This extends the life of your heater. 

Along with that, you will face no leakage issues when it comes to these heaters. The sturdy high-grade ABS body ensures that your water heater remains shock-resistant and rust-free from outside as well. 

There is no damage caused due to scale formation on the copper heating element. These geysers have a 6.5 bar pressure which ensures that the pressure of the water coming into the geyser is balanced. This feature makes these instant water heaters functional even if you live on the top floor of a high rise building. 

Crompton water heaters offer great designs that are well suited for the interiors of your bathroom. These heaters add elegance with enhanced aesthetics to your bathroom and you can choose from various options of modern stylish designs. 

What makes Crompton heaters one of the best water heaters in India is the fantastic range of features and unmatched benefits it offers, all at an affordable price! Considering the benefits and price, the Crompton instant water heater proves to be a great choice for your home.