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Buy Crompton Pedestal Fan at Best Price Online in India

Crompton offers a wide range of pedestal fans that can help you deal with the harsh Indian summer. You can buy pedestal fans online by browsing through the wide variety offered by Crompton. These energy-efficient and affordable fans prove to be an investment for anyone looking to save money while also staying cool during the summer.

Why are Crompton pedestal fans always in huge demand?

The following reasons make Crompton pedestal fan an all-time favourite of buyers.


The lightweight and ergonomic design of the Crompton pedestal fan makes it easier to move around your house or office. The different motion types of pedestal fans – Fixed, Rotating and Wide Oscillation help fresh air reach every corner of the room.

Eye-catching Design

Crompton pedestal fan comes with various colour and size options. These sleek fans take minimum space in a room and add to the aesthetic value of the room as well.


The sturdy design and highly efficient motor make the Crompton pedestal fan last longer. The thermal overload protection prevents the motor from overheating.

Low Maintenance

The pedestal fans from Crompton consume a minimal amount of power and do not require much effort to clean. The removable grill and detachable blade frame help make it easier for you to keep the pedestal fan clean and tidy.

Noiseless Operation

Crompton pedestal fans like Pentaflo come equipped with the revolutionary SilentPro technology and superior quality of plastic blades which provides smooth operation without making too much  .

Remote Operation

Pedestal fan with remote has become the most sought-after option for those who wish to enjoy the fresh air without any interruption.

Crompton pedestal fan price can vary according to the cooling efficiency. Pedestal fans from Crompton are available in different sweep sizes and can range from 400mm – 500 mm. These pedestal fans are reasonably priced and can range from INR 3,050 to INR 4,520/-  to provide you with superior performance and refreshed aesthetics, making them an attractive and well-suited choice for every home!