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    Energy Efficient & Low Voltage Fans | Energy Efficient & Low Voltage



    High Speed (380 RPM)

    100% copper winding

    Wider blades for higher air delivery

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Buy Energy Efficient & Low Voltage Fans Online In India 

Crompton offers a wide range of Energy Efficient & Low Voltage Fans for you to choose from! This fan has an aesthetic design and ensures that you stay comfortable in all seasons.  

Features and Benefits of Energy Efficient & Low Voltage Fan

The fans from Crompton come with some amazing features like energy-efficient BLDC motor, high speed, smart functions, higher air delivery, and wide working voltage.

Ceiling fans like Energion have a 35W BLDC motor that has up to 50% less energy consumption compared to conventional fans. Lower energy consumption cuts down your electricity bill with the energy-saving mode.

It has a high power factor of 0.98, which leads to negligible losses. The power consumption is exactly 35 watts at speed 5 and 6 watts at speed 1. The high BEE rating of these fans and 100% copper winding also makes them more energy-efficient and consumes less electricity. 

Better cooling is possible with these high-speed fans with RPM between 370 and 380.

This fancy ceiling fan with designs that match the décor of your home comes with smart functions like point anywhere remote, multi-pairing, sleep-timer enabled, and intelligent memory function. You don’t need to point at the fan; you can point anywhere with the remote to switch on the fan with the RF or radiofrequency technology. 

The multi-pairing facility lets you operate multiple fans with a single remote. It is sleep-timer enabled meaning it will automatically be switched off after the set time, and this leads to savings in your electricity bill. No more worrying about whether you forgot to switch off the fan or not. The fan remembers the last speed with the intelligent memory function. You don’t need to change the speed to your preference; the fan does it for you. 

The wider blades make sure there is higher air delivery providing superior performance and cooling your room uniformly. 

There are no worries about voltage fluctuations since this fan functions optimally in the widest-working voltage range of 90 volts to 300 volts. 

Before you buy ceiling fan online, you need to understand its specifications. These include sweep, power input, and air delivery. The larger the size of the fan blades, the greater the sweep. 

The power input measured in watts decides the power consumption of the fan. The higher the power input, the higher the power consumption. The air delivery is measured in CMM or cubic meters per minute. The higher the CMM, the higher the air delivery.