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Buy Antidust Ceiling Fans Online In India

Crompton presents a wide range of Antidust Fans for you to choose from. This innovative fan is designed to provide you with superior comfort all year round. 

Why Are Crompton Anti-Dust Fans The Best In The Market?

The reason the Crompton anti-dust ceiling fan is the best in the market is that they use the latest Duratech technology and come with a 5-year warranty. This technology includes a double layer of copper and a unique box capacitor that makes these ceiling fans more durable than other fans. 

These fans have a high-endurance box capacitor and prevent contamination. This ensures superior performance for longer life compared to ordinary oil-filled tube capacitors. This makes them suitable for places with high humidity and heavy rainfall. 

These fans can also provide better insulation and abrasion resistance during high temperatures and sudden overloads due to the dual-coat copper found in the motor windings. 

Crompton Anti-Dust Fans Price Range 

The Crompton anti-dust fans price is highly affordable considering the benefits provided by them and ranges between 2700 to 8000/- INR.

Features and Benefits of Antidust Ceiling Fans

The Crompton anti-dust ceiling fans come with anti-dust technology – the fans are coated with hydrophobic (water repellent) and oleophobic (oil repellent) clear coat after they are coated with colour which reduces the friction of water and dust particles, avoiding these particles from sticking to the surface of the fan. These fans also have many other fantastic features like high speed, higher air delivery, durable body, energy savings, more increased safety, wide voltage band, smart functions, and silent performance. 

The anti-dust technology attracts 50% less dust compared to regular fans and is also easier to clean. They operate at high speeds of 370 to 380 RPM or revolutions per minute for better cooling. These high speeds are possible due to the 100% copper heavy-duty motor. The wider fan blades ensure higher air delivery to every corner of your room. You get an anti-corrosive aluminium body and blade that protects the fan against rusting.

You can enjoy energy savings up to 50% with a high power factor of 0.98. This keeps losses negligible, and you get higher speed and performance with ActivBLDC technology. Higher efficiency is also ensured with the high-standard CRNGO steel used in these fans that are highly compatible with electric motors. 

Crompton keeps your safety in mind with the safety wire in the fans. You won’t suffer from voltage fluctuations since they operate in the broadest operating voltage range of 90 to 300 volts. 

Smart functions include point anywhere smart remote using radiofrequency technology, multi-pairing for operating multiple fans with a single remote, sleep well timer function to switch off the fan after certain hours, and intelligent memory that records the last fan speed setting. Silent and noise-free performance is assured with the unique 2-piece construction and high-grade EMQ bearing that causes reduced friction and vibration.