Wall Mounted Fans

The wall-mounted fans are installed on the wall to keep the air circulated throughout the rooms. The Crompton's range of high-speed wall fans are ergonomically designed with thermal overload protection for the long-lasting motor. The aerodynamic and modern design of these fans gives them an extra edge by giving maximum speed with less noise.

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Buy Best Wall Mounted Fan Online In India

Crompton offers its users a wide variety of aesthetically pleasing and high-performing wall-mounted fans that provide unmatched air delivery. These fans are a fantastic cooling option for small, compact spaces that require constant ventilation to get rid of stuffiness!

Crompton Wall Fan Features

The space-saving feature of high-speed wall fans ensures that every corner of your room receives breezy airflow without compromising and giving up on precious carpet space. They conveniently get fixed on walls to keep your home cool and clutter-free at all times.

Available in several colors like white, black, blue, red, and many other pastel colors, these fans blend into the design of your home with great ease. Crompton wall-mounted fans are packed with advanced features and functional design.

Here are the top features –

They Require Less Space: Crompton wall fans do not take up much space. The size of Crompton wall-mounted fans are perfect as they are able to produce sufficient ventilation and airflow.

Flawless design: Crompton’s user-friendly wall mounted fans are constructed with precision for durable and smooth performance which lasts for a long time. The sharp blades and smooth neck tilting provides higher air delivery as compared to conventional fans. 

Wide oscillation with motorized control: The high speed and sweep size help Crompton’s wall-mounted fans cover larger surfaces evenly giving you a superior output!

Best in safety: To make our wall-mounted fans safe, we have added a finger-proof grill which will help prevent any unfortunate accidents in the future. Along with the external safety, we also take care of your wall-mounted fans from within. Crompton’s wall-mounted fans come equipped with thermal overload protection that guarantees your fans’ durability and safety at all times.


Directional and rotational airflow: The best thing about these fans is that they can provide directional and rotational airflow when required.

More energy saving: Wall fans come with a small motor with a powerful output. Also, blades are smaller in size, making them consume less power which makes them cost-effective.

Ease of maintenance: These fans are installed at a lower height, making them easy to clean or do repairs as compared to ceiling fans.

Perfect for small spaces: If you have a small study room or looking for uniform airflow in a small kitchen then wall-mounted fans are an ideal option.

Wide range of High-Speed Wall fans

Crompton lets you choose from a wide range of wall mounted fans that offer several benefits. Apart from the basic and premium models, Crompton has also introduced a new and innovative solution to the problem of noisy fans. Some models come equipped with SilentPro technology which ensures you have a noise-free cooling experience!

Wall Mounted Fans Price Range

Products MRP
SStorm2 ₹5,390.00
High Flo Cressida ₹4,160.00
SDX Black Gold ₹3,940.00
High Speed Torpedo WM ₹3,460.00
SilentPro Pentaflo WM ₹3,320.00
High Flo LG 18″ ₹3,280.00
High Flo Neo ₹3,190.00
High Flo Wave Plus WM ₹3,190.00
Wind Flo (High-Speed) ₹3,100.00
High Flo Wave ₹2,980.00
High Speed ₹2,820.00
High Flo LG 16 ₹2,570.00


Are wall fans effective?

The wall-mounted fans push air in every direction which makes them effective during summers. By installing a wall-mounted fan, you will not only save space you will get continuous airflow in all directions.

Which one is a better ceiling fan or wall fan?

When compared to ceiling fans, the wall-mounted fans are slightly less efficient. Although they use the same amount of electricity as any other ceiling fan. The wall-mounted fans are ideal for any small space like kitchen, study room, and even small bedroom.

Is the wall fan good for the bedroom?

Yes, if you have a compact bedroom then wall-mounted fans are the best. They’re cheaper to run and yet very powerful. Also, they’re mounted to a wall, they don’t take up any floor space.

Can you mount a wall fan on the ceiling?

Yes, you can mount a wall fan on the ceiling but with one condition. If you have a 7 foot or 8-foot ceiling, then you won’t be able to fit a ceiling fan efficiently. For such a situation, wall-mount ceiling fan is the answer.