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  • Aura 2 Prime Antidust Designer Ceiling Fan (Duratech Warranty)


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    Aura 2 Prime Antidust Designer Ceiling Fan (Duratech Warranty)

    Antidust Fans | Designer, Duratech, Antidust



    5 years duratech warranty

    Anti-Dust technology

    High Speed (380 RPM)

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Crompton’s duratech fans are made with state-of-the-art design and material technology to ensure excellent performance coupled with long service life. Read on to know the features of these ceiling fans!

Features and Benefits of Duratech Ceiling Fans

Duratech fans are built with Anti-dust technology. These Crompton fans are designed in such a way that they attract up to 50 per cent less dust. 

Duratech fans use the highest-grade EQM motor bearings in its fans. This causes the fans to be one of the most silent fans on the market and also produce lesser friction, ensuring durability and reducing maintenance cost. The motor also allows for its impressive 380 RPM top fan speed to function without heating up. 

These Crompton fans are also built with High Standard Cold-Rolled Non-Grain-Oriented (CRNGO) Steel. The CRNGO steel is highly compatible with the series of motors fitted in the Duratech fans, making the functioning harmonious. It also makes the fan more durable and flexible leading to increased life span and stress tolerance for the fan while functioning. 

One of the most innovative parts of the Duratech series of fans is its two-piece build. Most fans on the market are three-piece builds, which cause an unpleasant appearance and vibration noise. This isn’t the case with this series of Crompton fans. The 2 part build of these fans makes them sleek looking, lighter and less noisy. 

Duratech fans are built with a double copper coating in its motor windings. This makes the fan better insulted and abrasion-resistant when exposed to a sudden increase in temperature and electrical overloads. 

Crompton fans powered by Duratech technology are built with high endurance box capacitors. These capacitors allow the motor to function smoothly and ensure longevity, especially with areas with regular power fluctuations and outages. 

Duratech fans are not only built with high-grade components but are also designed to have a superior visual appeal. They come in many colours and designs with metallic finishes to give it a premium look at a budget price. 

Keep the features mentioned above in mind before buying ceiling fans online. The duratech fans by Crompton are the perfect fit for anyone looking for a fan built to stand the test of time without compromising on the visual appeal.