Designer Ceiling Fans

The days of settling for an ordinary fan to relieve the heat are long gone. Consumers today are pickier and seek out goods that offer greater value for their money while also being stylish. You now have access to different materials that allows you to choose designer fans that can make our homes look beautiful and inviting. Discover our brand-new selection of modern designer ceiling fans that are raising the style bar for consumers around the nation. From all the different types of Ceiling Fans, Designer Fans surely win the game for Aesthetics.

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    Aura 2 Prime Antidust Designer Ceiling Fan (Duratech Warranty)

    Antidust Fans | Designer, Duratech, Antidust

    MRP 5,080.00

    Designer Ceiling Fan with 5 years duratech warranty

    Modern Designer Fan with Anti-Dust technology

    Superior 225 CMM Air Delivery with High Speed (375 RPM)

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Shop the Best Designer Ceiling Fans in India

So if you’re searching for the best designer ceiling fan in India, here are a few important points that you should consider.

  • Modern designer fans that are energy-efficient
  • The design and colour should blend with your interior decor
  • Size and pitch of a fan Blade: 12–15 degree angle is ideal for circulation
  • Premium motors with robust windings
  • Check the warranty period
  • Ease of installation

Elevate Your Living Room Aesthetics with Designer Fans

Fans don’t have to be uninteresting accessories that blend in poorly with your living room and remain unnoticed. However, you need to select the appropriate design so that your fan doesn’t look dull in a well-designed environment. The trend of designer fans for living rooms with built-in LED lighting is gaining popularity as it can provide both ambient lighting and a comfortable breeze.

You can also go for a sleek and modern designer ceiling fan for your living room. If you prefer something with a rustic farmhouse vibe, complete the look by adding a fan with wooden blades which provide a warm, cosy feel. In addition to these features, look for energy efficiency and smart remote controls, making it easy to adjust the fan’s speed and lighting with just a press of a button. Keeping these points in mind will make the online search for designer fans for your home easier.

Features of Crompton’s Designer Fans

Crompton always strives to provide designer ceiling fans which provide an excellent breeze along with attracting all the eyes that enter your room. Here are some of the features of Crompton designer fans:

  • Unique designs: Crompton’s designer fans are available in a wide variety of styles and designs, from traditional to contemporary. Some are designed to look like works of art, while others are more minimalist in style, so you can find one which suits your taste.
  • High-quality materials: They are typically made from durable and long-lasting materials such as wood and metal. These materials not only make the fans more visually appealing but also ensure that they will last for many years.
  • Energy-efficient: Some of Crompton’s designer fans are designed to be energy-efficient, which can help to reduce energy costs and lower your carbon footprint.
  • Remote control: Our premium designer fans come with remote controls, which allow you to easily adjust the fan speed from anywhere in the room.

Our Top Picks

Crompton ceiling fans will definitely be able to accommodate all of your requirements. You can select from the variations mentioned below and make a worthwhile buy.

1. 3D Anit-dust fans

The colours and atmosphere of the room should be complemented by the ceiling fan. Crompton’s Aura 3D Anti-dust ceiling fan has fantastic features with Duratech technology which ensures a long life, and anti-dust technology which makes sure the sleek design of this fan will not be hidden by dust.

2. Lighting Fans

Crompton’s Jupiter fan is a standalone addition that completes your room’s decor. It has intricate design elements that make it a simple lamp or chandelier replacement.

Price Table 

Fans Price Range
Markle designer fan with metallic finish Rs. 5,850
Aura designer 2D anti-dust fan Rs. 5,760
Aura designer 3D anti-dust fan Rs. 5,760
Markle Prime Designer Anti dust fan Rs. 5,160
Aura 2 prime anti dust designer fan Rs. 5,080
Jura designer modern ceiling fan Rs. 4,650


*Disclaimer: Prices mentioned on the website are for reference only and may vary from product to product for different specifications or functionality. Prices mentioned are subject to change without prior intimation/notice.