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    Monoset Construction with High Quality Mechanical Seal

    Robust design

    Works in wide voltage band effectively

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Crompton offers dewatering pumps which have many fantastic features and that can be used for several different purposes such as construction or mining.

How Do Dewatering Pumps Work?

A dewatering pump is one of the many types of speciality pumps offered by Crompton. It is a pump which is used to remove water from places.  A centrifugal pump uses rotational kinetic energy to move liquids from one place to another. It can be used to extract water which is situated below ground level.

Depending on the requirements, there are several ways in which dewatering pumps can be used. If you need to pump out groundwater using a submersible pump, then a deep hole may be dug which allows groundwater to seep into the hole. A round liner with slots along the edges should be inserted. Once this is done, a dewatering submersible pump can be placed at the bottom of the hole, which will pump the water out.

Another way to use it is by placing the dewatering pump above ground. Then a series of small tubes may be inserted into the ground. The dewatering pump can then draw water out through these tubes.

Features and Specifications of Dewatering Pumps 

Crompton dewatering pumps have a variety of features and specifications. The dewatering pumps made by Crompton have a robust construction to ensure that they last long.

Apart from that, they can work effectively in a wide voltage band without causing any issues. They are made with a monoset construction that comes with a high-quality mechanical seal.

The power of these pumps can range from 1 HP to 25 HP. The power of the pump determines how quickly and how much water the pump can move. Pumps that operate at high power can be used for industrial-grade work. The size of the pipe can range from 40 x 40mm to 80 x 80mm. A larger pipe size also determines the rate at which the pump can move water.

The head range of the Crompton dewatering pumps can range between 9m – 36m and the discharge range of these pumps can be from 4310 – 125 LPM.