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    Optimus Classic 70

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    Air Delivery - 5500 m³/hr

    Suitable for upto 650 sq. ft.

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Buy Air Coolers Online in India

Crompton gives you a fantastic range of air coolers online to choose from! The innovative designs ensure superior cooling performance so that the hot summers are sweat-free and comfortable for you! 

Stay Cool & Fresh This Summer With Crompton’s Different Types of Coolers

Each air cooler from Crompton serves a different purpose. If you need a cooler for a small room in your house or your office, then your best choice would be the personal air cooler. The size of your room should be between 80 to 160 sqft. This air cooler has an air delivery of 650 m3 per hour for smaller rooms and 1250 to 1350 m3 per hour for slightly bigger rooms. 

Cooking in the hot and humid summers is an unpleasant experience. With the tower cooler from Crompton, it is time for you to have a refreshing experience while cooking. You can’t use fans or air conditioners in the kitchen because of the fire risk. This tower cooler makes sure you can cook safely without having to worry about it being a fire hazard.  

For cooling your rooms, the window cooler from Crompton is an excellent option. Window air cooler units are fixed outside the house and this saves space for you, inside the house. It is one of the best options for small bedrooms. The size of your room will determine the cooler you need. If your room is below 200 sqft, then you need a window cooler with air delivery of 1700m3 per hour. For rooms up to 650 sqft, the air delivery will be 5500 m3 per hour.  

You can also use the Crompton desert for a powerful cooling experience. For optimal performance, keep the desert cooler in front of your window. Remember to keep your windows open to get the maximum benefit from this air cooler. For rooms having up to 500 sq ft, the air delivery is 4200 m3 per hour. For rooms up to 650 sqft, the air delivery is 5500 m3 per hour with the desert cooler. 

Why Crompton Air Coolers are Best in India?

When it comes to the best air cooler in India, Crompton is an excellent choice. The air cooler price varies depending on the type of cooler you want. Personal coolers are priced much lower compared to a window or desert cooler. 

You get different tank capacities for coolers from Crompton. Cleaning these coolers is easy with the water drain pump. They are compatible with inverters as they are energy efficient. The airspeed can be adjusted to your needs. These coolers use Honeycomb or Wood Wool cooling pads for superior cooling efficiency. All of these show you that these are some of the best air coolers that you can get in the country.

Desirable Features to Look For In Air Coolers

The Crompton air cooler has some great features like wider angle air throw, large and easy-to-clean ice chamber, Everlast Pump, and mosquito nets. These are some must-have features for any air cooler. 

The large blades from the air cooler ensure higher air delivery and wide throw for cooling all the corners of your room. Superior cooling performance is enabled through the massive ice chamber. It is easy to maintain too. Even if you get hard water in your house, with the Everlast Pump in these air coolers, this problem can be handled. These coolers also prevent the entry of mosquitoes. The Honeycomb pad in your cooler is protected due to this. 

The Crompton air cooler provides you with so many benefits and that too at an unbelievable price range. The cooler price is affordable, making these coolers a good investment.