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  • Crompton Star Lord 5W LED Panel Light | Crompton Greaves
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    Star Lord LED Panel Light (Cool Day Light)

    Buy Ceiling LED Lights Online in India | Surface Mounted LED False Ceiling Panel Light



    100 Lumen Per Watt

    Ultra Slim Rim for Wider Light Emitting Area

    Wide Voltage Protection 140V to 380V

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Buy Premium LED Ceiling Lights Online in India

Crompton ceiling lights make your rooms brighter with superior quality lighting and innovative designs. These lights can be used throughout, and they blend perfectly with the decor of your rooms.

Crompton Offers A Wide Range OF LED Ceiling Lights

Whether you need LED ceiling lights or LED panel light for your home or your office, Crompton has something for all purposes. While decorating your homes for special occasions, your best choice for lighting would be LED strip lights.

Another smart lighting option would be the Crompton panel light. These ceiling lights should be spaced at regular intervals depending on the size of your rooms for the right amount of light at all corners of your room.

The Crompton cob light is another great option for ceiling lights for living room. These are designed using the latest technology.

Crompton LED ceiling lights for homes not only offer you variety, but they come at an affordable price.

Features Of Ceiling Lights

Not only do you get variety with the modern ceiling lights from Crompton, but these ceiling lights have some amazing features as well. These include zero mercury, no harmful UV/IR radiation, easy fitting, different colours, slim design, and chip technology.

In terms of safety, you can trust Crompton fancy ceiling lights completely since they don’t have any mercury or UV/IR tradition. Zero mercury makes them safe for you and the environment. These lights conform to BIS safety standards with surge protection of 2.5V. The surge protection feature prevents any fire hazards or damage to the lights due to a sudden surge in the flow of electricity. These lights are also shockproof.

These ceiling lights for living room come in different colours, and you can vary the colours to get the right mood going. Depending on your requirements, you can use brighter light or softer light when you need to relax with friends and family. The ultra-slim construction of these ceiling lights saves you lots of space. An added benefit is fitting these lights takes almost no time with the twist and lock method.

Some LED ceiling lights use the modern chip on board or COB technology so that you don’t need to worry about the wires dangling and spoiling the aesthetics of your room. They can be fitted in a junction box.

Additional features of ceiling lights are durability, controlled beam angle, adjustable viewing angle, lightweight, semi-metal panels, energy savings, smooth light distribution, robust LED-driver and Honeycomb lens.

The long-lasting adhesive used in these lights and semi-metal panels with metal collar makes these ceiling lights more durable. Some of these lights also have a full metal body. The rimless surface downlighter with a glowing edge makes maintenance extremely convenient. The adjustable viewing angle allows you to focus the beam in any direction you want and provides you with a 60-degree angle. If you need task lighting at a particular spot, you can get it with the controlled beam angle. With super lumen 36W tile and 3100 lumens, you get a brighter light.

These lights help you lower your electricity bill with a power factor of more than 0.9, leading to less energy consumption and 15000 hours of lighting. This makes these lights a great long-term investment. These ceiling lights have a wide light distribution thanks to the Honeycomb lens, and you don’t face any problems with a glare that hurts your vision. The robust LED-driver gives you a longer life, eye protection, and smoother light distribution.

These modern ceiling lights come in different wattage and colour temperatures. Colour temperatures decide the brightness of light, the higher the colour temperature, the brighter the light. When choosing a light, take the size of the room and the height of the ceiling into account because for larger rooms, you will need a higher colour temperature.

With higher wattage, you also have higher energy consumption. Crompton ceiling lights come with a 2-year warranty.