3 Star Range LED Bulbs for home

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  • Crompton LED Regular Round Bulb | Crompton Greaves
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    3 star LED Regular Round Bulbs (18 Watt, Warm White Color)

    3 Star Range LED Bulbs for home



    85% energy Saving as compared to incandescent lamp

    Long life up to 15 years

    Zero mercury

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Buy 3 Star LED Bulbs Online in India

The LED Bulbs you choose for your home can make a huge difference in your home’s decor and interiors. Crompton’s 3 Star LED bulbs are here to offer you energy efficient and budget friendly lighting options which will help brighten up any room in your home with ease!

Crompton’s 3 Star LED Bulbs are available at an impressive range of 100- 1000 lumens. This gives you the choice to choose just how bright or dim you want your bulbs to be. 3 Star LED bulbs also come in a 3W to 23 W range along with different colour temperature options like WW and CDL as well. These compact LED bulbs are now available online at a price range of INR 120 – INR 500.

Why Crompton 3 Star LED Bulbs Are Quite Effective?

Crompton’s 3 Star LED Bulbs are not only an energy-efficient alternative but also extremely eco-friendly. It saves up to 85% energy as compared to incandescent lamps. This helps reduce your electricity costs considerably and make lighting solutions an affordable option for every budget!

3 Star Led Bulbs Specification

Crompton’s 3 Star LED Bulbs are mercury free which helps protect your family from harmful toxins and make your bulbs safe for daily use. These energy saving LED light bulbs offered by Crompton also come equipped with a sturdy and structurally sound body which enables them to last for up to 15 years.