High wattage LED bulbs for lamps

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  • Crompton high wattage LED bulb | Crompton Greaves
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    B22 high wattage LED bulb Cool Day Light

    Lighting | Smart LED bulbs for your home in India



    High operating voltage range (140V - 270V)

    Light weight & fits easily into existing socket

    Shock -Proof

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Buy Crompton High Wattage LED Lamps Online in India

Crompton’s wide selection of LED Lights is here to light up your home with its stylish designs and high quality lamps and bulbs. Along with being the perfect replacement for conventional CFLs bulbs, these High wattage LED lamps deliver superior performance while consuming less energy. The high wattage LED Lamps also offer a great lighting solution for every budget! 

High Wattage LED Lamps Specification

High wattage LED Lamps offered by Crompton come packed with incredible features that set it apart from its competitors. Crompton’s lamps have a high wattage, unlike other LED Bulbs, that make it perfect for spaces that require strong and bright lighting. It also has a high operating voltage range starting from 140V to 270V while being completely shockproof. Crompton’s LED Lamps have B22 and E26 base caps which make it fit into existing sockets easily. These bulbs are not only durable and cost-effective but also extremely safe to use on a daily basis! 

Where High Wattage LED Lamps Works Best

The lumen range is a great indicator of how bright or dull a lamp will be. Crompton’s high wattage LED Lamps offers a wide lumen range from 2000-5000 and are also available with a wattage of 21-50 W. This helps light up large areas while consuming very little energy making Crompton’s light weight, economical lamps most suited for outdoor illumination requirements.