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Buy Designer Fans Online In India

Crompton brings you a stunning range of Designer Fans to add to the decor of your home. Enjoy style and comfort all year round with these fans

Why Are Crompton Designer Fans One Of The Best In The Market?

What makes Crompton Designer Fans the best are the aesthetic designs, latest technology, and a 5-year Duratech warranty. 

With the anti-dust technology, the ceiling fans attract 50% less dust compared to regular fans. This also means you have lesser problems with maintenance and less dust means healthier air inside your home. Duratech technology means a double layer of copper for the motor windings. This gives you double protection, and the fan is better insulated and resistant to abrasion when temperatures are high, or there are sudden overloads. This makes it last longer than ordinary copper wires. 

Duratech Technology also ensures that you get superior performance in the long term with a high-endurance box capacitor that has a sealed structure and patented adapter compared to the ordinary oil-filled tube-type capacitors. This makes Crompton ceiling fans highly suitable for areas that have high humidity and heavy rainfall. 

Features & Specification Of Designer Fans

Crompton Designer Fans come with some exciting features like wider blades, anti-corrosive properties, sturdy body, and silent performance.

Crompton designer ceiling fans in India have innovative designer blades that are wider for higher air delivery. These fans have an anti-corrosive body and blades for protection against rusting adding to a longer life. 

These Designer Fans have a sturdy and robust body for higher durability. Unlike ordinary fans that use a 3-piece construction, these fans have a 2-piece construction making them robust with lesser vibrations and noise. This gives the fan a contemporary design as there is no gap between the two segments housing the motor. 

These fans use cold-rolled non-grain oriented steel that has high compatibility with electric motors. These ceiling fans are durable and efficient due to the composition and thickness of the steel. 

The high-grade EMQ bearing ensures smooth and silent performance with the additional benefit of lower friction and vibration. You need to understand the specifications like sweep, power, speed, and air delivery before buying designer fans online

The higher the sweep, the better the air circulation. Most of these ceiling fans have a sweep size of 1200. The higher the power consumption, the higher will be your electricity bills. The power consumed by these fans varies from 60 to 80 watts. The speed of the fan determines how fast your room will be cooled. This is measured in revolutions per minute that varies between 350 and 380.  Air delivery ensures uniform cooling of your room.