Self Priming Regenerative Aquagold Water Pumps

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    Aquagold Series

    Water Pressure Pumps Residential | Residential Self Priming Pumps

    MRP 8,375.00

    SS304 Casing and forged Brass impeller for Longer Life

    High Grade Electrical Stamping CRNGO-M47 for higher efficiency

    Self priming up to 8.0 meters at mean sea level

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Buy Self Priming Regenerative Aquagold Pump

The self-priming water pump from Crompton is the perfect solution for all your water requirements. Enjoy a regular supply of water all year round with these high-performance self-priming pumps from Crompton!

How Does Self Priming Regenerative Pump Work?

These pumps mix the air with the water to create a fluid that has pumping properties similar to water. The air is then removed by the pump leaving only water that is moved through the pump like centrifugal pumps.

You need to remember that there must be water in the casing for these residential pumps to operate. Self-priming means that your pump can turn the mixture of water and air into a fluid that can be pumped. The pump won’t prime if there is only air present in it.

The self-priming pump can overcome the problem of air binding due to the in-built water reservoir that is not present in centrifugal pumps. The air is removed by the recirculation of water through this water reservoir. After the evacuation of all air, water is forced towards the impeller through the suction line and pumping starts.

Features and Specification of Self Priming Regenerative Aquagold Pump

The self-priming Crompton pump has some attractive features and specifications. You get features like SS304 insert and forged brass impeller and high-grade electrical stamping.

The self-priming pump has SS304 insert and forged brass impeller that makes the pump more durable. The pump works at a much higher level of efficiency with the high-grade electrical stamping. The pump can self-prime at a depth of 8 metres at mean sea level. The self-priming pump price is also extremely reasonable, in a range of INR 4,500-5,000/-, considering the benefits you get.

You must understand the specifications of the Crompton pump before you buy one. These include the power, supply phase, pipe size, no. of stages, head range and discharge range.

The KW/Hp determines the power of your pump. The Crompton pump gives you power in the range of 0.1 to 10. These pumps are single-phase and are used for powering small appliances. The pipe size decides the flow of water. The higher the pipe size, the greater the flow of water, but the lower the pressure.

These pumps are multistage with more than one impeller. The higher the head range, the greater the vertical distance to the discharge point. The discharge range determines the maximum height to which the water can be pumped.