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Buy Crompton Steamer Iron Online in India

Steam irons are usually considered safer, more secure, less power and time consuming, more adaptable, and cost-effective. When it comes to getting the best steam iron, Crompton steam iron should definitely be on your list!

Crompton offers a wide range of electric irons including steam iron and dry iron to make your garments stay wrinkle-free.

Garment Steamer Specifications and Features

Buying a steam iron can be easy if you know the specifications, features, and price of the best steam iron available in the market.

While some garment steamers have better soleplate coating material, others have a higher steam output. Keep an eye out for the features mentioned below to pick the best steam iron according to your requirements.

The soleplate comes in direct contact with garments and its quality and texture determine the smoothness of ironing. Crompton’s soleplate coatings made of golden non-stick and Teflon are regarded as the most durable since it removes wrinkles with ease and does not allow the buildup of starch. Due to its inbuilt mist and steam control technology, it prolongs the life of clothes.

Low-quality steam irons often leak water when the iron is on low heat. Crompton steam irons machine comes with anti-drip technology that automatically shuts down the water outlets when the steam is not adequate to generate heat, thereby preventing water from spilling over to the garments.

Steam iron wattage is directly linked with its efficiency and power consumption. The higher the wattage, the better and faster the heating. 1200 to 1600 watts is the average range for all high-quality Crompton steam irons. A high watt steam iron will suit you more if you want to iron garments that tend to wrinkle more.

As a steam iron is a delicate electronic gadget, removing lint and dust particles from the pores, becomes difficult. Crompton steam irons come with the auto-clean feature that alerts you when it needs to be cleaned.

Steam output decides the total time you need to iron effectively. They release steam in upwards of 15gms/minute, thus ensuring faster ironing and increased convenience.

Why Are Crompton Steam Irons One Of The Best Brands in the Market?

The powerful and super-fast heating element of Crompton steam irons provides optimum heating in all weather conditions. It gives your garments the care it deserves and smoothens out even the toughest creases. You can also change the temperature depending on the type of fabric.

With a 360-degree swivel cord and two years warranty, maintenance will be the last thing on your mind when you buy your iron online. The average online steam iron prices range from INR 1400-2300/- and with its pan-India service network you value of your purchase is high.