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An air cooler consists of three major components: a water tank, a sheet of absorbent material, and a fan. By filling the water tank with cold water and letting the absorbent sheet soak it up, you can cool the air around the space as the water evaporates. The fan creates a natural, refreshing breeze when this newly cooled air is blown into your room.

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    Jedi PAC16 Personal Cooler with Auto Swing Vertical Louvers

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    MRP 8,000.00

    Honey comb pad cooler for prolonged cooling

    Inverter compatible air cooler

    4-Way Air Deflection

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Features of Best room coolers under 10000

Room air coolers come in varied sizes and prices and significantly differ in terms of features. Air Coolers have certain parameters like water capacity, airflow, cooling page, etc., that determine their performance. To pick the best air cooler under 10000, you will require an in-depth knowledge of these parameters and know all about air coolers. Hence some of the basic features you should consider before buying a room cooler under 10000 are listed below.

1. Water Tank Capacity

We are well aware that water tanks are Coolers’ primary source of cool air. An ample water reservoir in a cooler will provide cool air for a prolonged time. Hence, choosing coolers with adequate water tank capacity are best when purchasing a water cooler. There are majorly two types of Air Coolers: personal and desert coolers. You must decide if you want a personal cooler that can capacitate around 5-30 litres of water or a desert cooler that can hold up to 31-50 litres.

2. Airflow

Another essential factor to consider while purchasing a cooler is the airflow. This metric of the cooling machine is calculated in CFMs (Cubic Feet per Minute). To get an estimate of the CFM required for your room, divide the cubic feet of your space by two, which will arrive at the suitable CFM required.

3. Cooling Pad

These pads are inside the cooler and absorb the water; therefore, the air flowing through them cools down, and you receive a peaceful, chilled breeze. The two most prevalent materials used to make Cooling pads are aspen and cellulose. The former is cheaper but requires more maintenance and has a briefer life span. On the other hand, cellulose or honeycomb pads are expensive yet more long-lasting.

4. Remote enabled

Nobody likes to keep getting up to adjust the fan speed and direction now and then after spending so much. Hence it is more practical to purchase an air Cooler that can be remotely enabled. So that you can modify the settings, as well as turn it off and on according to your convenience.

If you keep all these parameters in check, you can never go wrong in buying an effective air cooler under 10000 for yourself.

How to find an Air cooler in your budget?

Examine the smart features of an air cooler that you must know if you plan to purchase an air cooler in your budget. Feel free to refer to our air cooler buying guide too.

  • Size

Just like an AC, an air cooler also comes in different dimensions to fit your convenience. For example, desert coolers are designed to be placed outside the room at the window and are typically large. On the other hand, smaller room coolers come with caster wheels making them movable within the house or office for effective cooling, so decide accordingly.

  • Turbo cooling with ice

Air coolers cool outside air by passing it through a wet pad and letting melting ice drip on the pad, which cools the air more efficiently than traditional air coolers of the past.

  • Fan speed

Modern air cooler technology has developed and made it easy to select the internal fan speed, thereby controlling the throw of the air. Moreover, even some air coolers nowadays also have a smart sensor that adjusts the fan speed per the room’s temperature variations.

  • Even cooling

Smart air coolers now have pre-programmed moving louvers, which can control the air around the room and helps the entire room to get cool air uniformly instead of cooling one area.

  • Design

In the current trend, the design and build of the coolers have been modified to keep pace with evolving requirements. As a result, today’s air coolers come in various colours and designs that beautifully blend in and complement your home’s décor.

  • Technology

With advancements in technology, the materials used in the air cooler have also experienced a transformation. Modern coolers are made of thermoplastic, a synthetic resin that hardens when heated and becomes plastic when cooled. As a result, air coolers made of such materials are more durable as they are protected from traditional problems such as rusting and water damage. Furthermore, modern air coolers also feature Wi-fi, so you can control them with your smartphone.

  • Inverter Option

Air coolers now come with inverter-compatible technology. The summer months are notorious for power outages, so this is a great benefit. It allows you to keep calm and rest without any hassles.

The excellence of Crompton’s coolers

Among the best air coolers available in India, Crompton is the ideal choice.

  • The air cooler price varies depending on the type of cooler you would like to purchase. Personal coolers are quoted much lower compared to a window cooler or desert cooler.
  • You get various tank capacities for coolers from Crompton. Cleaning these coolers is easy with the water drain pump, and they are also compatible with inverters as they are energy efficient.
  • The airspeed can be modified according to your requirements. These coolers use Honeycomb or Wood Wool cooling pads for excellent cooling efficiency.

These show you that these are some of the excellent Crompton air coolers you can get in the country under your budget.


Crompton Air Coolers under Rs.10000

S.No. Product Price
1 Marvel Neo 33 Medium-Sized Personal Cooler with fully collapsible louvers ₹ 8,900
2 Zelus DAC28 Mini Desert Air Cooler with Honeycomb pad and 4-way Air Deflection ₹ 8,500
3 Jedi PAC22 Stylish Air Cooler (22L) with 1 year warranty and mosquito nets ₹ 8,500
4 Jedi PAC16 Honey Comb Pad Cooler with Auto Swing Vertical Louvers ₹ 8,000
5 Zelus DAC43 Mini Desert Cooler (105 Wattage) with 4-way air deflection ₹ 9,500
6 Jedi PAC35 Stylish Cooler with High Density Honeycomb Cooling Medium ₹ 9,000