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Crompton's Air coolers are designed to circulate fresh air by drawing hot air from outside and then cooling it down. In addition, the circulated air is filtered, moist and effortless to breathe, and it retains and keeps your skin well-hydrated. In this article, we have curated a definitive list of Air Coolers under the 5000 rupees range. It will support you in maintaining your mind and keeping your purse cool.

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    Ginie Neo Table Top Cooler with High Density Honeycomb pads for Prolonged Cooling

    Air Coolers | Personal Coolers

    MRP 4,900.00

    Table Top Cooler

    4-Way Air Deflection

    Inverter compatible air cooler with ice chamber

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Features of Crompton’s Air coolers

The Crompton air cooler has some prominent features like

  1. There is a wider-angle air throw, an easy-to-clean ice chamber, an Everlast Pump, and mosquito nets.
  2. The large blades from the air cooler provide higher air delivery and a wide throw for cooling all the corners of your room. Superior cooling performance is enabled through the massive ice chamber, which is very easy to maintain.
  3. The coolers function well even with hard water because of the Everlast Pump.
  4. These coolers also prevent the entry of mosquitoes, thus protecting the Honeycomb pad in your cooler.
  5. The Crompton air cooler provides you with multiple benefits, and that too at an attractive price range, making them affordable and a good investment.

How to pick up an Air cooler that fits into your budget?

Any electronic device will have specific parameters we must check before purchasing them. In Air Coolers, we have to look into specific parameters such as water capacity, airflow, cooling page, etc., determining their performance. Therefore, you must conduct in-depth research on these parameters and refer to our air cooler buying guide before choosing for yourself the most promising air cooler under 5000.

  • Water Tank Capacity – We are all well aware that water tanks are the primary source of producing cool air in Coolers. Maintaining a more extensive water reservoir in a cooler will secure cool air for extended periods. Hence, you should look for coolers with adequate water tank capacity when purchasing a water cooler.
  • Airflow – Another essential factor to consider while purchasing a cooler is the airflow measurement that will fit your room’s size. This metric of the cooling machine is calculated using CFMs (Cubic Feet per Minute). To measure the CFM needed for your room, divide the cubic feet of your space by two.
  • Cooling Pad – These are the pads inside the cooler that absorb the water so that the air flowing through them cools down, and you receive a gentle cool breeze. The two most prevalent materials used to construct Cooling pads are aspen and cellulose. The former is more affordable but requires more maintenance and has a briefer life span. Cellulose or honeycomb pads, on the contrary, are pricey yet more effective.
  • Remote enabled – Nobody likes to keep getting up to control the fan speed and direction now and then. Hence it is better to buy a Cooler that can be remotely enabled so that you can adjust the settings and turn it off and on according to your convenience.

If you check all these parameters, you will never go wrong in purchasing the best and most effective cooler for yourself. Also, it is important to use an air cooler the right way for optimal performance.

Bringing Excellence and Affordability together with Crompton Air coolers

When it comes to the best-selling air cooler in India, Crompton is an ideal option. The air cooler price changes depending on the type of cooler you would like to purchase for your home.

  • Personal coolers‘ prices are much lower compared to a window cooler or desert cooler.
  • You get various Coolers with diverse tank capacities from Crompton. Maintaining these coolers is easy if you have a water drain pump.
  • They are also compatible with inverters as they are energy efficient as well.
  • The airspeed can be modified to your requirements.
  • These coolers use Honeycomb or Wood Wool cooling pads for exceptional cooling effects.

With all of these excellent and well-thought features, be assured that Crompton’s coolers are the best in the market and the most affordable air coolers you can get in the country.

Crompton Air Coolers list under Rs.5000


      S.No. Product Price
1 Ginie Neo Table Top Cooler with High Density Honeycomb pads for Prolonged Cooling ₹ 4,900


1. Which air cooler is best for home use?

Air coolers with essential features like less power consumption, good-grade cooling pads, noise filter, and inverter compatibility are adequate for home use. For your convenience, you can also look for additional features like remote control, auto-fill function, anti-mosquito, and dust filter, and an additional ice chamber.

2. How to use a Crompton air cooler?

Crompton air coolers should be placed right next to windows because the hotter the air, the faster the evaporation; this allows cooler air to be blown out more effectively. It would be best if you also opened the windows in the room to let the humidity out and create good ventilation.

3. Which is the best air cooler in india?

Crompton is currently the most promising brand for Air Coolers available in India. They provide the best and most affordable Air Coolers between the 3000–5000-rupee price range. Crompton is the best option if you are looking for durability and efficiency.